Witness to a buried Democrat sex scandal involving the Clintons went missing

Rumors are rampant that Hillary Clinton now sees the SCOTUS abortion decision as her window back into the White House.

But with growing pressure on President Joe Biden not to run in 2024, other Democrats scrambling into position, and the last thing Clinton needs is “bimbo eruptions” from a sex scandal she thought was over.

But a witness to a buried Democrat sex scandal involving the Clintons went missing.

Despite publicly denying she’s planning to run again only weeks ago, Hillary Clinton is rumored to be looking at the Supreme Court abortion decision as the basis to launch another White House bid.

But to clear a path for 2024, she not only needs Biden out of the way, she’s needed the Jeffrey Epstein scandal dead and buried.

Conveniently, the Democrat Media Complex and trusted allies in government have proven expert at helping the Clintons bury their scandals for decades.

With the Supreme Court dominating the news last week, Epstein’s madam—Ghislaine Maxwell, who procured the girls and the one person who could speak to the criminal enterprise and its clients—was quietly banished to 20 years in prison.

Maxwell was convicted and sent to prison for sex trafficking minors to clients who — in the eyes of the government at least—do not exist.

She may be the only witness who can speak to the whereabouts of her and Epstein’s powerful client list.

And she’s certainly not going to talk about it now if she wants to remain alive.

The Associated Press reported that “Epstein, who killed himself in 2019 while awaiting trial, sexually abused children hundreds of times over more than a decade, exploiting vulnerable girls as young as 14. Prosecutors said he couldn’t have done so without the help of Maxwell, his longtime companion…Epstein and Maxwell’s associations with some of the world’s most famous people were not a prominent part of her trial, but mentions of friends such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump showed how the pair exploited their connections to impress their prey.”

Of course, the corporate-controlled press expects people to accept that notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in prison, even though nobody really believes that.

Epstein, a Democrat mega-donor who hobnobbed with many famous and powerful people, died under incredibly dubious circumstances in federal prison.

It is known however that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane, “Lolita Express,” multiple times.

Clinton was photographed getting a massage from one of Epstein’s underage girls, and Maxwell was present at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Clinton’s ties to Epstein and Maxwell run deep, but those connections have largely been ignored.

Prince Andrew’s connection to Epstein has also been given short shrift in the press.

Andrew sat for a disastrous interview with the BBC on the matter, and hasn’t spoken again since on the topic.

ABC News anchor Amy Robach got caught on a hot mic venting that the higher-ups at the network spiked the Epstein story back when she had the goods in 2015.

The reasoning, according to Robach, was that the network wanted to stay in the good graces of the Royal Family.

Bobbi Sternheim, one of Maxwell’s lawyers, revealed, “(One) of the female inmates in Ms. Maxwell’s housing unit told at least three other inmates that she had been offered money to murder Ms. Maxwell and that she planned to strangle her in her sleep.”

Somebody clearly wants Maxwell silenced so nobody will be surprised if Maxwell gets “Epsteined” in prison.

Keeping quiet about her client list and all she witnessed might be the only thing that ensures her survival.

Should Clinton decide to mount a campaign for the White House in 2024, it would certainly be a problem for her campaign if Maxwell did speak up – regardless of whether Bill Clinton is mentioned or not.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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