Wild video showed assault on a State Trooper and then controversy erupted over a fundraising campaign

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Fundraising platforms have become a new front in the Left’s battle to silence conservatives.

Now one assault is exposing another truth.

Because an assault on this State Trooper was caught on video and then controversy erupted over a fundraising campaign.

Like so many other Big Tech companies, GoFundMe is censoring conservatives.

The fundraising website has set loose terms and conditions that can be construed to deplatform conservative accounts and causes.

But GoFundMe is perfectly happy to raise money for a transgender who was caught on tape assaulting an officer.

Republicans in Oklahoma are protecting children

Oklahoma just passed a bill banning gender-altering surgeries and hormone blockers for minors.

It’s a common sense bill that protects children against the extreme Left and its radical LGBTQ+ agenda.

Many in the news are calling it a ban on “healthcare for transgenders.”

But that statement is intentionally misleading.

No transgenders are being denied healthcare.

If one gets sick or breaks a bone, or anything else, they will receive full care.

Just no gender-reassignment for children.

The Left and their friends in Big Media call it “gender-affirming” care – but that’s just another example of Democrats manipulating language to fit their narrative.

The medical treatments and surgeries they’re advocating for don’t “affirm” gender – in fact, it’s just the opposite, they change gender.

But don’t try telling them that.

Transgender couple loses their minds and attack State Rep and officer

After the legislation passed, one trans-activist threw water at state Rep. Bob Ed Culver.

The aftermath was all caught on video.

In the video, you can see a woman who believes herself to be a man being detailed by a State Trooper.

The transgender then assaults the law enforcement officer.

The Trooper then takes the woman posing as a man to the ground.

All the while, the transgender assailant’s “wife” – who is a man dressed as a woman – is howling in a deep voice to leave his “husband” alone.

At one point, the “wife” starts saying he needs cheese.

Upon watching the video, one might think this is all a comedy act – it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Unfortunately, this was not a gag – it was all real and charges are pending — this is the state of American society in 2023.

Freedom Oklahoma, a woke extremist group that pushes for the LGBTQ+ agenda didn’t see anything wrong with the tran couple’s behavior.

“It’s absurd to demand that marginalized people being attacked also respond within rules of decorum that were never meant to welcome us,” Freedom Oklahoma wrote in a statement. “We’re in contact with the person arrested and have ensured they have access to bail support.”

One-sided rules

In fact, they took to GoFundMe and launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise money for the attacker.

It’s already raised more than $5,500.

Important to note, GoFundMe’s terms and services do not allow for fundraisers that support acts of violence.

However, the Big Tech company is allowing this campaign to raise funds for a transgender who attacked a State Trooper to remain active.

GoFundMe famously pulled the campaign of the Canadian Trucker Convoy who were protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

In 2020 they deplatformed a campaign to raise money for a billboard in California advertising a book critical of puberty blockers.

Another campaign to raise funds for a rape crisis center was removed once GoFundMe found out the creator of the campaign supported the “Super Straight” movement.

The list of conservative accounts and causes that have been removed from GoFundMe is too long to list.

As for the criminal transgender caught on video attacking a State Trooper, Rep. Culver says he will be pressing charges.

“If water being thrown had been the extent of the action taken, I would not have given it a second thought,” Culver said. “However, I cannot stand by while our highway patrolmen are assaulted for simply doing their jobs.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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