Wikipedia’s new CEO may very well make bias on the site even worse

Big Tech is clearly sliding to the political Left.

That has real-world consequences when people are seeking information.

And Wikipedia’s new CEO may very well make bias on the site even worse.

Maryana Iskander is the new head of Wikipedia, which likely means that bias on the platform will not be addressed in any substantive way.

Iskander is a leftist who was previously the COO of Planned Parenthood, an organization so radical that progressive physician Dr. Leana Wen – who routinely rants on CNN about denying public freedoms to force vaccine compliance – stepped down as the head because she realized Planned Parenthood was only concerned with being an abortion mill.

In an interview with The New York Times, Iskander was asked about bias against conservatives and her past within progressive organizations.

Her answers left a lot to be desired.

The Times asked her how she would addressed perceived bias against conservatives, and she responded:

“[T]here are core pillars that were established on Day 1 in setting up Wikipedia. One of them is this idea of presenting information with a neutral point of view, and that neutrality requires understanding all sides and all perspectives. It’s what I was saying earlier: Have the debates on talk pages on the side, but then come to an informed, documented, verifiable citable kind of conclusion on the articles.”

But this is the problem with the platform right now.

The “debates” are happening in an echo chamber, and the “citable” articles are almost exclusively from left-wing sources.

For example, Wikipedia editors will disregard information if it comes from a conservative site like Breitbart.

And disinformation gets laundered through multiple articles.

So The New York Times might cite an article from Salon, which cited some radical feminist blog.

Since The Times is one degree removed from the biased blog, their citation could be considered credible.

This is why Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is suing The Times for defamation.

When asked by The Times if her time with groups like Planned Parenthood could call her objectivity into question, Iskander replied:

“The second thing that I would say is, again, I’ve been on my own learning journey and invite you to be on a learning journey with me. How I choose to be in the world is that we interact with others with an assumption of good faith and that we engage in respectful and civilized ways.”

Looking past the non-responsive answer, the Left does not argue in good faith.

That’s why they’re so hot for censorship these days.

People rely more and more on Wikipedia for information.

The site is already badly biased and cannot afford to sink any further.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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