“White Paper Revolution” protesters in Communist China are giving Americans one stern warning

The COVID regime gave people a taste of life in a totalitarian country.

It wasn’t enough for the elites, who want even more centralized control.

But “White Paper Revolution” protesters in Communist China are giving Americans one stern warning.

Multiple left-wing politicians and tech titans have said over and over that China is their governmental model.

The international Left have heaped fawning praise on Chinese Communist Party leader President Xi Jingping.

And they’ve turned a blind eye to the jaw-dropping authoritarian rule of the CCP.

ChiComm regime’s “Zero Covid” policy led to citizens being burnt alive after being locked in apartment building

At the outset of COVID, the CCP instituted nightmarish lockdowns, even welding residents inside their apartment buildings.

Now people in China are protesting after a deadly fire in Xinjiang Province.

Reuters reported that “[p]ublic anger in China towards widening COVID-19 lockdowns across the country erupted into rare protests in China’s far western Xinjiang region and the country’s capital of Beijing, as nationwide infections set another record. Crowds took to the streets on Friday night in Xinjiang’s capital of Urumqi, chanting ‘End the lockdown!’ and pumping their fists in the air, after a deadly fire on Thursday triggered anger over their prolonged COVID-19 lockdown according to videos circulated on Chinese social media on Friday night…A crucial spark for the public anger was a fire in a high-rise building in Urumqi that killed 10 on Thursday night, whose case went viral on social media as many internet users surmised that residents could not escape in time because the building was partially locked down.”

If something like that happened in the United States, there would be investigations and people would go to jail.

But the globalist elites think they are above the law.

They loathe accountability, which is why they’re all pushing western countries toward a CCP-style of government where the state has near unlimited power and is quite simply above accountability to citizens.

Fire sparked “White Paper Revolution” with protesters showing tremendous courage against ChiComm regime

Vivian Wu, an independent journalist who formed worked for the BBC, wrote on Twitter, “In Chinese there is a phrase 星星之火 可以燎原 which means ‘A single spark can start a prairie fire.’ This is what we saw during the day in China. Students from Nanjing Broadcasting College 南京广播学院 first started a mounting gathering for Xinjiang fire victims. So sparks spread.”

Two years into COVID, and officials are still implementing draconian lockdowns.

Public health is not the goal; public control is what the CCP wants.

And the COVID regime in America would go this far if they could get away with it.

Wu added, “One more video. [People] chanting ‘we want freedom’ on Urumqi Street of Shanghai. Notice [people] are holding a piece of white paper. It’s because students from Nanjing Broadcasting College earlier of the day were protesting, holding a piece of white paper, meaning ‘censorship shuts us up.’”

People living under an authoritarian regime are giving a dire warning to Americans who are so eager to censor people that disagree with them.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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