What this Senator told Trey Gowdy about the Biden agenda left jaws on the floor

Joe Biden has been the President for nearly three months.

Since then he’s barely appeared in public and hasn’t been very specific about his plans for the country.

But what this Senator told Trey Gowdy about the Biden agenda left jaws on the floor.

On a recent episode of Fox News Primetime, Trey Gowdy interviewed Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (R).

Kennedy told Gowdy that the Biden administration is made up of radical leftists, who are obsessed with racial and sexual “equity,” saying:

“. . . it appears at least most, if not all, of his nominees are obsessed with race and gender and sexuality.”

Kennedy is afraid that these “woke” leftists are going to make racial quotas a government policy.

“I’m afraid that where this is going to lead, I hope I’m wrong, is quotas, which are illegal, unconstitutional, and which will make mockery of the American dream.”

Kristen Clarke is a good example of the zealots nominated for high positions in this administration and she is slated to run the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department if confirmed by the Senate.

She recently drew the attention of Tucker Carlson, who dug up written examples of her racism. 

In the past, she argued that blacks are a mentally superior race in a letter to the Harvard Crimson student paper.

“Please use the following theories and observations to assist you in your search for truth regarding the genetic differences between Blacks and white, One: Dr Richard King reveals that the core of the human brain is the ‘locus coeruleus,’ which is a structure that is Black, because it contains large amounts of neuro-melanin, which is essential for its operation.”

According to Clark, black children develop faster than white ones.

She also thinks the black master race is endowed with superior “mental, physical, and spiritual abilities,” all due to their ability to process melanin.

It’s no wonder that John Kennedy is worried about our country with people like Kristin Clarke poised to hold powerful positions in government.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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