What this comedian said about conservatives and her new OnlyFans, has all hell breaking loose

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Democrats thought they had scored a major coup in 2020 when they swooped in and captured control of not only the White House but also the Senate and House of Representatives.

But in the process, the Party made one massive miscalculation.

And what this comedian had to say about conservatives and her new OnlyFans, has all hell breaking loose.

When self-described Marxists Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters swept through the nation in 2020, the elites in the Democrat Party were quick to latch onto their populist message.

But the absolute devastation they left behind has started to cause moderates in the Party to question what was going on.

When that was compounded by over-the-top authoritarian pandemic policies and woke mob rule, even those who considered themselves “left of center” started to bail on the Democrat Party.

Now one comedian just dropped a truth bomb that has Party leaders gritting their teeth.

Comedian Whitney Cummings opened up about the politics of comedy and the Democrats’ proclivity for censorship during a recent episode of The Last Laugh podcast.

“I feel like comedy fans are more eager than ever to watch people take risks,” Cummings explained. “They want comedians to go for it, and that’s what we do. So I was kind of just writing for the road, talking about the trans issue and stuff like that. I was like, I can’t ever put this in a special, I’ll get in trouble. I’ll get torn apart.”

Sounds anything but safe

She’s now taken her show onto pornography platform OnlyFans’ “work safe space” – OnlyFans TV (OFTV).

“I’ve always made fun of everyone, which is our job as comedians. To go, ‘I’m not gonna make fun of this group,’ that to me feels patronizing and like you can’t handle it, and you’re made of glass, and it’s accusing people of not being smart enough to understand nuance and have a sense of humor,” she added.
She also accused the political Left of basically abandoning its core audience over the decades.

“The Left has, to me, in a lot of ways, when it comes to speech, become unrecognizable,” the comedian explained. “Because it used to be the Party of free speech, it used to be the Party of tolerance, it used to be the Party of, we criticize—or at least are suspicious of—Big Pharma.”

The party of Big Pharma and no jokes

Cummings says she’s joined celebrities Bill Maher and Roseanne Barr who say those who used to consider themselves committed leftists have essentially been abandoned by their Party.

“But when it comes to speech, the Left wants to silence people in a lot of ways,” she said.

“I do find that people that probably would consider themselves more conservative these days have a better sense of humor, for sure,” she concluded.

Other public figures who left the Democrat Party—or, rather, have pointed out that the Party abandoned them include Tesla founder and social media platform X (formerly Twitter) owner, Elon Musk.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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