What the Biden regime just silently pulled off will leave you spluttering

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Joe Biden’s grasp on power pre-dated his inauguration by years.

And while the President’s gaffes may leave onlookers in stitches, there’s a dangerous undercurrent at play.

Now, what the Biden regime just silently pulled off will leave you spluttering.

In less than two decades, social media platforms have become one of the most powerful factors in the political sphere.

Despite being held as a private business, prior to purchasing Twitter, Billionaire Elon Musk argued that Twitter was the modern equivalent of the public square.

In the months following his acquisition of the social media giant, Musk released the “Twitter Files”—information documenting the myriad ways the Big Tech player colluded with Big Government to censor Americans in an effort to benefit Democrats’ political causes.

The most significant was the orchestrated coverup of the Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” story, which was published by the New York Post shortly before the 2020 Presidential election and almost instantly buried.

But despite the high-profile revelations, few Americans have been able to grasp the magnitude of the Biden regime’s hold over how American social media users view the world.

However, a recent announcement from one conservative media watchdog is making it clear that censorship is a massive issue.

Reported numbers are big but almost certainly an orders of magnitude undercount

The MRC just announced its CensorTrack database has now surpassed a jaw-dropping 6,000 cases of Big Tech censorship since 2020.

“There’s no doubt that Big Tech has done its part to eliminate speech that harms the Democratic Party, the Biden administration or otherwise runs counter to the left’s narrative,” the organization explained. “Social media platforms have aggressively silenced and gaslit the American people, but as MRC has documented, Big Tech has overplayed its hand.”

The organization reported that the issues manipulated by censorship efforts ranged from Biden’s most destructive environmental initiatives to the transgender agenda and abortion.

Will censorship impact 2024?

The organization noted that after Joe Biden’s victory was made possible thanks to censorship activities in 2020, Big Tech companies upped their game to help support the Democrat once he was in office.

“Since then, Big Tech has worked overtime to protect the Biden censorship regime,” the MRC noted. “And in many cases, those censored were correct.”

From false fact checking efforts to deplatforming Biden’s detractors, censors have delivered one blow after the next to conservatives in what threatens to be death by a thousand (or in this case 6,000) papercuts.

But despite the Left’s best efforts, conservatives in the country appear to be rallying with Donald Trump’s poll numbers remaining high even as resources are redirected to build a “parallel economy” that puts Americans out of reach for the increasingly deranged leftists running Big Tech platforms.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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