What Joe Biden is fighting a major grocery store over while Americans get wrecked by inflation will leave you seeing red

Woke capitalism is a terrible development that not many people saw coming.

Big businesses rarely fight back against the Left’s policy madness. 

And what Joe Biden is fighting a major grocery store over while Americans get wrecked by inflation will leave you seeing red.

A major Amazon acquisition is being forced to go along with one woke policy the Biden administration wants to enforce.

Whole Foods Market, which was acquired by Amazon in 2017, is in a battle over whether or not it can prohibit employees from wearing Black Lives Matter COVID masks.

Whole Foods does not allow political messages on employee uniforms, but the Biden administration is attempting to strong-arm the company into accepting BLM face coverings.

The company said in a statement:

“Our dress code policy is designed to ensure we are giving Team Members a workplace and customers a shopping experience focused entirely on excellent service and high-quality food…We do not believe we should compromise that experience by introducing any messages on uniforms, regardless of the content, that shift the focus away from our mission.”

But Jennifer Abruzzo, General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), argued in a lawsuit that Whole Foods violated federal law by not allowing employees to wear BLM masks.

Abruzzo, a Joe Biden appointee, said that “racial justice advocacy” fell within the purview of workers engaging in “group action to improve their lot as employees.”

That is an absurd stretch because BLM has nothing to do with worker rights at Whole Foods.

But leftists are constantly engaging in policy and definition creep, i.e. changing or expanding them to encompass more and more areas.

For example, the Left uses the term “violence” to include everything from physical assault to refusing to use preferred gender pronouns.

Abruzzo added, “The employer certainly can control whether people of color get harassed and discriminated against at their workplace…We’re about a broader movement. But that broader movement flows into our smaller workplace universe.”

Abruzzo is clearly a militant leftist.

BLM is a neo-Marxist organization that has called for dismantling the family western notions of heteronormativity.

It’s a radical group that has no place at a grocery store.

If employees had an innocuous Don’t Tread on Me logo on their facemasks, everybody knows the NLRB would not go anywhere near the case.

But Democrats have moved wildly to the Left, and they want to broaden the scope of their radical progressivism mandates in the workplace.

Companies should be allowed to make reasonable requests for uniforms.

But instead of trying to get a handle on runaway inflation, the Biden administration wants to fight grocery stores about political messages on facemasks.

It’s absurd that the issue is even going to court.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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