What Hillary Clinton just said about Big Tech will make your blood run cold

Hillary Clinton still hasn’t gotten over her defeat in 2016.

One of her excuses for losing was “misinformation” on social media.

And what Hillary Clinton just said about Big Tech will make your blood run cold.

Facebook recently upheld its dangerous decision to ban Donald Trump from the platform for his comments about the 2020 election.

Democrats who don’t care about the principle of free speech cheered the move.

One of them was Hillary Clinton, but she wants Facebook to go even further.

In an interview with The Guardian, Clinton said she wants “not just an American reckoning but a global reckoning with the disinformation, with the monopolistic power and control, with the lack of accountability that the platforms currently enjoy.” 

Whenever a major political figure uses the phrase “global reckoning,” be very afraid.

Elites cannot stand the fact that the spread of information has been democratized and can no longer be controlled entirely by the gatekeepers.

That’s why they’re putting the squeeze on Big Tech to do their bidding – they don’t want any counter-narrative opinions to be shared.

Clinton added:

“It is not the same to say something critical of somebody on the other side of the aisle and to instigate an attack on the Capitol and to vote against certifying the election. Those are not comparable, and it goes back to the problem of the press actually coming to grips with how out of bounds and dangerous the new political philosophy on the right happens to be.”

Except Clinton had no problem when Democrats did the same thing on multiple occasions.

Not only does Clinton perpetuate the lie that she lost because of “Russian interference,” Democrats continue to call Stacey Abrams the duly elected Governor of Georgia despite having lost by 50,000 votes.

Democrats are calling election integrity laws “Jim Crow 2.0,” which is a disgusting lie.

And for the record, users have been censored and targeted for criticizing prominent members of the Left.

A black forklift operator in New Jersey was doxxed for posting a funny meme of Nancy Pelosi online.

CNN threatened to doxx an online user who posted a humorous wrestling meme of Trump body slamming the network.

Clinton and other elites are tightening the screws to Facebook and other platforms so they will do their bidding.

And they want the enforcement to be global.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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