Walls are closing in on Nancy Pelosi after two Congressmen exposed a shocking truth about January 6

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The establishment has spent the last three years raging about the Capitol Hill riot.

But their excuse to target Donald Trump and his supporters through the 2024 elections just blew back into their laps.

And now the walls are closing in on Nancy Pelosi after two Congressmen exposed a shocking truth about January 6.

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th House Select Committee was empaneled as a witch hunt to take down Donald Trump.

It was not a fact-finding mission.

That’s why the team investigating security failures on that day was effectively scuttled.

Pelosi wanted to focus solely on Trump.

Now that the Republicans are in control of the House, they are providing oversight as to what happened on January 6.

And the details that were left out of the J6 committee were shocking.

Now, Congressmen Matt Gaetz and Thomas Massie have unearthed another bombshell regarding that day.

Backpack Guy identified

Massie revealed in a conversation with Gaetz that the individual who discovered the DNC pipe bomb was a plainclothes active duty Capitol Police Officer.

Massie said, “I learned that Backpack Guy—January 6 Backpack Guy, not to be confused with January 5th Backpack Person—Backpack Guy was a non-uniform plainclothes police officer…in the employ of the Capitol Hill police.”

The other person Massie referenced was the one who planted the pipe bomb underneath a bench outside the DNC.

Security footage from DNC cameras was shockingly poor, so the person’s face was not able to be identified.

Also, the person was seen using a cell phone in the footage, but the phone company could not use geolocation tracking—which was used to hunt down J6 protesters—because the data was mysteriously corrupted.

Former D.C. Field Office Chief ruled them out as a suspect

Gaetz followed up, “The person who found the pipe bomb, the person who [former FBI D.C. Field Office Chief Steve] D’Antuono, who was leading the investigation, said, ‘Oh, yeah, the person who found it, it’d be Investigation 101 that they would be a suspect initially until ruled out,’ you’re saying that person was an undercover plainclothes Capitol Police Officer and the Capitol Police confirmed that to you today?”

“They confirmed that to me today, yes,” replied Massie.

The series of events on January 6 continues to get curiouser and curiouser.

The pipe bomb was found by a Beltway contractor on a laundry run near the RNC. Then, a Capitol Police officer found the second pipe bomb at the DNC, which happened almost at the same time that the Capitol fencing was breached.

Needless to say, Gaetz and Massie are skeptical of the official narrative.

No wonder Pelosi did not want to focus on security failures and anything not related to Trump’s actions on that day.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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