Vivek Ramaswamy’s latest proposal caused all hell to break loose among purple-haired Leftists

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As technology advances, more and more people across the world become hooked to social media and their cell phones. 

It is nearly impossible to find a young person who does not have some sort of online presence, often without their parent’s permission or supervision. 

But Vivek Ramaswamy’s latest proposal caused all hell to break loose among purple-haired Leftists. 

The 2024 Presidential election cycle is far from decided 

Poll after poll indicates that a Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump rematch is likely in 2024. 

However, next year’s general elections are still well over a year away, meaning there is still plenty of time for another candidate to snag the nomination. 

Vivek Ramaswamy has gained a lot of notoriety and traction in recent weeks after grabbing headlines for his youthful and charismatic demeanor. 

Many conservatives have also been wooed over with his conservative policy proposals, as well as his common sense approach to modern problems. 

For example, just last week, Vivek Ramaswamy made headlines after proposing a social media ban on children under the age of 16. 

Last Thursday, Ramaswamy tweeted a video of him pitching this idea, with the caption “If you can’t smoke an addictive cigarette until you’re 18, you shouldn’t be able to use an addictive social media platform by the age of 15 or 16 either. Ban it.” 

In the video, he stated that “Kids aren’t the same as adults. I like freedom for adults. Kids aren’t adults, right? And so we have to protect children.” 

He added, “That’s one of my bases for saying it but actually look at the facts. It is also the main source of predatory behavior that actually begins in the online world before it moves to the offline world.”

This proposal caused a firestorm on Elon Musk’s X social media platform, with many parents agreeing with this proposal, venting their frustrations about the damage that social media has done to their children and teenagers. 

Others were critical of his proposal, claiming that it opens the door for more government intervention in the household. 

Ramaswamy will need more than eye-popping proposals to win the Republican nomination 

Although Ramaswamy has shown that he supports a number of conservative policies, he will need to do a lot more if he hopes to win the Republican nomination. 

As it stands, it will be very difficult to pass former President Donald trump, who has a sizable lead in the polls right now. 

If Ramaswamy, or any of his competitors for that matter, hopes to defeat Donald Trump, then they will need to prove to voters that he can not only beat President Joe Biden, but deliver once he is elected. 

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