Video shows courageous third class midshipman daring to rile the Biden regime’s most loyal fleet commanders

Everything Joe Biden has touched has gotten worse.

America’s fleet hasn’t been immune.

But a courageous third class midshipman was caught on video daring to rile the Biden regime’s most loyal fleet commanders.

One of Joe Biden’s first actions as commander-in-chief was to authorize a stand-down order of the armed services in order to root out so-called extremism.

Of course, the “extremism” the Biden administration was searching for was right-wing, even though not long ago, a West Point graduate photographed himself holding up a sign that said “Communism will win.”

Midshipman illustrated the horrific things Biden is doing to the military

And Biden’s vaccine mandate for the military and service academies has acted as an ideological purge of sorts.

The people who are most likely to refuse the vaccine lean conservative.

And one midshipman at the Naval Academy called out Biden’s vaccine mandate in front of thousands of people.

He said, “Through many of the definitions of what we voted on for what it means to live honorably, we talked about how—to live honorably is different for every person based on their own moral code. Naval Academy Midshipman — ‘Getting the covid Vaccine would not be living honorably. Even so, the Academy has attempted to strong arm us into either getting the Vaccine or DORing [voluntary resignation] for the past year.’”

Immediately shut down by a senior officer for accusing Academy Brass of not ‘living honorably’ over vax mandate

That’s when he was abruptly cut off by a ranking officer.

Mandating the vaccine for young and healthy people in peak physical condition is asinine.

In fact, some of the harshest COVID mandate countries have rolled back their vaccine programs.

Freelance journalist Alex Berenson, who has arguably been the top reporter covering the adverse effects of COVID lockdowns and vaccines, wrote on his Substack page, “Only a few months ago, Australia had one of the world’s most aggressive coercion programs to force Covid vaccines on its people. Now Australia has essentially ended its Covid vaccination program for healthy adults under 50 – and effectively banned the shots for people under 30, unless they have severe chronic illnesses. With the change, Australia joins Denmark in curtailing its vaccine program for adults under 50. Last week, Norway went even further, saying no one under 65 should receive additional shots unless they were at underlying risk of a severe disease course…But Australia’s change is arguably the most striking, because Australian states put extraordinary pressure on their people to submit to Covid vaccinations last fall and winter.”

So the country that went the most COVID crazy has course-corrected.

Meanwhile, Biden is mandating that young and fit people in the military get the jab against their will.

The policy is completely ridiculous. 

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