USA Today just gave actual comedian Dave Chappelle a topic for his next special

For most of history, comedy was meant to make people laugh.

Not anymore – at least not to leftists. 

Thankfully, USA Today just gave actual comedian Dave Chappelle a topic for his next special.

USA Today and a collection of never-been comedians are trying to tell Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais how modern comedy works. 

Today, comedians are supposed to “speak truth to power,” and “empower marginalized communities.” 

At least that’s what the leftists at USA Today seem to think.

The left wing of the political spectrum has completely lost their sense of humor. 

At its roots, all comedy is pain. 

Jokes are the art of making fun of something. 

Mark Twain famously put it, “comedy equals tragedy plus time.” 

And George Carlin had his own spin on it, saying, “comedy doesn’t work unless somebody’s getting offended.”

But the Left doesn’t want anyone – except their political opponents – to experience pain, tragedy or offense. 

That, perhaps, explains the lack of laughs on the late-night talk shows in the era of the woke hosts. 

The Left is redefining how comedy works, and it’s no laughing matter. 

Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock have both been attacked on stage for making jokes. 

Ricky Gervais had an RIP hashtag movement against him on Twitter. 

Bill Burr and Jim Breuer have been forced to change venues due to threats and protests from the “tolerant” Left. 

The list goes on and on. 

Luckily for these successful comedians, USA Today is out with a new profile series on how to “do comedy” in the modern era. 

“To keep with the times and celebrate more voices, of course, (comedy) has to be updated,” author and comedian Phoebe Robinson tells USA TODAY. “Although there are great foundational aspects to comedy, it’s important to not rely on what worked before and push the genre further.”

There you have it, Phoebe Whatshername, says the important thing in comedy is to celebrate more diverse voices. 

And it just so happened that every so-called comedian USA Today spoke to agreed with that summation. 

The list of “comedians” interviewed for the series by USA Today included Ted-Talker, Hannah Gadsby, who in her panned Netflix special made a point that self-deprecation is not funny and is not healthy. 

Interestingly, the paper didn’t speak to any comics with large followings, or a track-record of success – let alone a conservative bent. 

But Gadsby, Robinson and other woke comics did put together a handy list of rules for the Adam Sandlers and Rob Schneiders of the world to follow. 

First, according to USA Today, comedians should never “punch down.” 

Now, what does that mean?

Rule number two could help shed some light. 

So-called, “marginalized communities,” are off-limits – and the marginalized community du jour is trans people. 

Interestingly though, trans people are so marginalized that they have an incredibly powerful lobby and all of Big Media and an entire political party doing their bidding. 

Rule three is, “speak truth to power.” 

So, does that explain why Jimmy Kimmel gave a soft-ball interview to the most powerful man in the world, President Joe Biden, instead of roasting him with jokes on a nightly basis? 

And the final rule, “under no circumstances should stereotypes be used. “

Leftist live by stereotypes and prejudices that they excuse everyone else about.

They love identity politics and they’re always putting people in groups based on the lies they believe in their heads – like anyone who disagrees with them is dumb. 

It’s hard to take that USA Today rule for comedy seriously when they aren’t wagging their finger at leftist “comedians” like Stephen Colbert over his jokes about “idiot” Trump supporters.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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