Unexpected Elon Musk ally just hammered one Democrat mega-donor

Elon Musk has become a major disruptor against the Left.

His attempt to purchase Twitter has ruffled their feathers.

Now, an unexpected Musk ally just hammered one Democrat mega-donor.

Ever since stepping down as CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has hinted that he may not be on board with the establishment’s globalist agenda.

Dorsey once tweeted that he was reading Murray Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State, a primer on the pitfalls of Big Government.

Dorsey also rhetorically asked, “What happened in 1971?” which was a reference to the United States going off the gold standard; the dollar has lost 84% of its value since.

Now, Dorsey is echoing Elon Musk’s sentiments about dysfunction within Twitter.

And Dorsey recently took a shot at Salesforce co-founder and co-CEO Marc Benioff.

Promoting a recent profile in CEO Magazine, Benioff argued in favor of “woke” capitalism, i.e. transitioning from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.

Stakeholder capitalism is the idea behind company’s having ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores to determine how sufficiently woke they are in terms of climate change, and the cult of DIE (diversity, inclusivity, and equity).

Benioff is an unabashed liberal who pulled Salesforce’s cloud-based services from the RNC and Project Veritas after the January 6th riot because of their conservative views.

In leaked audio, Salesforce President and COO Bret Taylor said, “Since the events of the 6th [of January], I think one of the things that really impacts Salesforce is the national conversation about the role of technology in inciting that mob, disseminating misinformation and fomenting extremism…We’ve engaged with the RNC to communicate that no messages on behalf of President Trump and no messages questioning the validity or integrity of the election are allowed on our platform under the guidelines that they may incite violence given the escalated conditions in the United States right now.”

Soon after, Salesforce notified Project Veritas that it was yanking service from them because of a “business decision.”

In 2015, Benioff was one of the big-money donors who coerced Mike Pence into backing down on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that protected religious people from the type of harassment suffered by Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips in Colorado.

Benioff is one of the corporate bullies who is using his money to steer businesses and governments in a globalist direction.

Dorsey is right to call him out on attempting to control the national discourse.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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