Ukraine President blindsided Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden with this humiliating demand, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Warmongers and globalists want the war in Ukraine to drag on forever.

But there is no strategic objective to be gained by America at this point.

And now Ukraine’s President has just blindsided Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden with this humiliating demand.

The war for “democracy” in Ukraine just took a shocking turn

The corporate-controlled press has been championing the war in Ukraine as a struggle for democracy, but that media narrative is falling apart.

In reality, Ukraine is a strategic country for a handful of rich and powerful globalists.

And the idea that democracy is on the line has been strained by President Volodymyr Zelensky’s anti-democratic actions.

For instance, Zelensky said that he will only hold elections if the United States and Europe pays for them.

During an interview with Ukrainian journalist Natalia Moseychuk, Zelensky said, “We need every vote. We won’t be able to say for ourselves that this was a very democratic election. We need a legitimate choice. We need this choice to be made by society. So that it does not divide our people. We need the military to be able to vote. They are defending this democracy today, and not giving them this opportunity because of the war is unfair. I was against the elections only because of this issue…I told [Senator Lindsey Graham]: if the United States and Europe give us financial support…I’m sorry, I will not hold elections on credit. I will not take money from weapons and give it to elections either. But if you give me this financial support, if the parliamentarians realize that we need to do this, then let’s quickly change the legislation and, most importantly, let’s take risks together.”

Zelensky: Pay me or send US “observers” to bleed in the meat grinder

So “democracy” is contingent upon more American aid.

Zelensky added, “Observers should be in the trenches. I told him: observers must be sent to the frontline so that the elections are legitimate for us and for the whole world. And this is absolutely fair…We need help from Europe here, because Ukrainians today are mostly in the European Union. Polling stations must be opened there so that people can come. 7 million people have to vote. We do not have such infrastructural capacities – we need to provide appropriate opportunities there.”

A risky proposition or playing Graham and Biden like a fiddle?

In addition to threatening to suspend elections, Zelensky has seized control of the media and shut down opposition parties.

The war for democracy has turned into a farce.

Worse yet, it has turned into a meat grinder.

Retired U.S. Army Colonel, Douglas Macgregor told Tucker Carlson that Russia has lost roughly 50,000 men, but Ukraine has lost a harrowing 400,000.

On top of that, approximately 60,000 children have gone missing, and women are being sex-trafficked.

The war has been an absolute calamity that needs to end as soon as possible.

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