Twitter’s latest censorship in the Kyle Rittenhouse saga exposed this shocking truth

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has captivated the country.

It’s broken through the false narrative enforced by Big Tech.

And Twitter’s latest censorship in the Kyle Rittenhouse saga exposed this shocking truth.

Kyle Rittenhouse was declared guilty by the Left before he even had a trial.

The corporate-controlled media and Democrats instantly labeled him a murderer, terrorist or worse after he defended himself.

Big Tech stepped in and enforced the narrative set by the liberal elites.

PayPal and GoFundMe shut down any attempts to crowdfund his defense.

Facebook labeled him a mass shooter and censored any favorable discussion of him.

As his trial went on the liberal elites’ disingenuous portrayal of him as a murderer collapsed.

A bumbling prosecutor and witnesses convinced even some far-leftists that he acted in self-defense.

Instead of updating their prior beliefs Big Tech has desperately tried to uphold their false narrative.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky sent out a tweet in support of Rittenhouse.

The tweet said, “Watching this trial, it’s ever more obvious that Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.”

The account was suspended by Twitter for “glorifying violence” and the tweet had to be deleted before the account could be reinstated.

This while a tweet from Joe Biden falsely labeling him a “white supremacist” is still allowed to stay up.

A tweet last summer by “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley called him a “white supremacist domestic terrorist” who killed two people who were simply “affirming black lives” is still up.

Twitter clearly isn’t in the business of defending the truth but brutally enforcing the narrative set by the Democrat elites. 

A simple observation by a small account in support of Rittenhouse is “violence” but lies by Democrat politicians who do endanger him remain untouched.

This is the latest example of Rittenhouse supporters being censored.

Conservative commentator Ashley St. Clair had an Instagram post of trial footage removed as violence.

As the trial moves toward its conclusion and possible innocence expect Big Tech to double down on defending the false Rittenhouse narrative. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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