Twitter radicals did something infuriating after banning Donald Trump

Elon Musk proved that Donald Trump was censored by Twitter for no reason.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter radicals did something infuriating after banning Trump.

Elon Musk has proven to be a major thorn in the side for the establishment.

His acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion exposed massive corruption simply by the reaction to the purchase.

Musk was immediately slandered by multiple press outlets.

Then Musk leaked the Twitter Files, and it began to make sense as to why.

Old Twitter leadership was filled with partisan leftists who were actively working with the federal government to silence certain voices.

The biggest name was obviously Donald Trump, who was the sitting President of the United States at the time.

Old Twitter regime pivoted to “medical misinfo” the day after they nuked Trump

But after taking out Trump even though he admittedly did not violate the company’s terms of service, Twitter ramped up its efforts in censoring so-called medical misinformation.

In other words, people who spoke out against the COVID regime were targeted.

Independent journalist Bari Weiss, one of the reporters who has been posting the Twitter Files dispatches, wrote that after banning Trump, “By the next day, employees expressed eagerness to tackle ‘medical misinformation’ as soon as possible.”

Stanford epidemiologist Dr. Jay Bhattacharya was blocked from trending due to higher-ups at Twitter.

Bhattacharya was one of the three epidemiologists who created the Great Barrington Declaration, a petition of physicians and healthcare workers arguing for focused protection instead of universal lockdowns, the preferred strategy of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the COVID regime.

Bhattacharya and his colleagues—Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard and Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford—were pilloried by the press at the direction of Dr. Fauci and former NIH director Dr. Francis Collins.

Independent journalist Alex Berenson was booted from the platform for reporting on COVID policy and vaccine data.

It was later revealed that Berenson was removed from the platform at the behest of the Biden White House.

Twitter was colluding with the federal government to silence dissenting opinions about COVID.

And Trump’s suspension laid the groundwork for that action.

If the sitting President of the United States can be silenced, then everyone is fair game.

Much of this would’ve stayed under wraps had Elon Musk not bought the platform and begun airing the company’s dirty laundry.

Thus far, Musk seems committed to free speech, unlike the previous executives at the company, who were censoring people on behalf of the state.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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