Twitter just lowered the boom on a Fox News contributor for revealing this shocking COVID truth

Twitter’s woke new CEO is doubling down on censoring the truth.

Anyone standing up to the leftist narrative is in his crosshairs.

And Twitter just lowered the boom on a Fox News contributor for revealing this shocking COVID truth.

Twitter has been ruthless in their enforcement of the Fauci narrative on COVID.

Their censors have worked overtime to ban, censor or restrict anything even scientific fact that goes against Fauci’s medical tyranny.

Not following the Fauci line on vaccines sends Twitter’s censors wild bringing out ruthless Soviet style censorship.

John Solomon, an award-winning journalist and former Fox News contributor, found out first hand.

He tweeted out an article about how the distinction between Pfizer’s fully FDA approved vaccine and one with Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA could affect vaccine mandates.

Twitter jumped in slapping a warning on the post saying that “this link may be unsafe” and laughably stated that it “could lead to real world harm.”

Solomon’s account was limited for 12 hours for violating the COVID misinformation policy and the tweet was deleted.

The story raised questions about the legality of a military vaccine mandate involving a vaccine with Emergency Use Authorization and noted the legal distinctions between the two Pfizer vaccines.

This is yet another instance of Twitter following Fauci COVID tyranny to protect vaccine mandates.

The company rolled new rules under its new CEO Parag Agrawal after receiving pressure from the Biden regime to fight “misinformation.”

Solomon blasted Twitter saying, “It is outrageous and unfair that a story that is completely accurate and points out an important legal distinction between the two versions of vaccines gets blocked and my account suspended.”

“The story and my post weren’t unsafe, the only threat is to the safety of the 1st Amendment afflicted by Twitter’s wrongheaded decision,” he continued.

As Fauci and the so-called experts become more discredited, Twitter is going to have to work overtime to uphold the party line.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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