Twitter is suppressing one video to run interference for the Biden administration

Big Tech is now fully an extension of the Democrat Party.

Social media platforms will do the bidding of the regime with zero remorse.

And Twitter got caught suppressing one video to run interference for the Biden administration.

When Democrats get caught in a lie, they simply double down in the propaganda.

That is what happened in the aftermath of the Haitian “whipping” scandal.

Border patrol agents were accused of whipping Haitian migrants who had been traveling back and forth across the border.

It wasn’t true, but that didn’t stop the Biden administration from banning border patrol agents in Del Rio from using horses.

Worse yet, Twitter suppressed one video produced by the Heritage Foundation that talked about the importance of the border horse patrol – and the video was from 2017.

Heritage Vice President of Communications Rob Bluey said:

“Twitter’s decision to suppress The Daily Signal’s video on the Border Patrol’s Horse Patrol Program is unacceptable and another eye-opening example of Big Tech’s censorship. The Daily Signal produced this video in 2017 – four years before the Biden border crisis – to educate Americans about the important role of horses in the Border Patrol’s work. Yet now, when such information conflicts with the left’s preferred narrative, Twitter’s censorship police stepped in with a flagrant case of anti-conservative bias.”

These “mistakes” continue to happen in one direction.

Companies like Twitter are chock-full of radical left-wing activists who have no qualms with censoring anti-establishment content.

Mark Morgan, former acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner and Heritage Foundation visiting fellow, said of the censorship:

“Unfortunately, far-left politicians on Capitol Hill and their allies in the media and popular culture have embraced a false, debunked narrative about mounted Border Patrol agents in recent days to distract the public from the Biden administration’s open-borders policies and the subsequent historic border crisis the administration has created . . . These lies and smears against the men and women of the Border Patrol are disgusting, and it’s completely unacceptable that companies like Twitter are helping advance those lies by censoring the truth.”

These are the deceitful tactics employed by the regime to grow and maintain power.

People aren’t even being allowed to see the truth.

And they justify their actions because they’ve convinced themselves of their moral rectitude.

The censorship during the Trump era escalated quickly, and it’s only going to get worse unless the American people stand up against it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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