Twitter is cooking up new censorship techniques that will leave you red with rage

Democrats have bullied Big Tech into something dangerous.

Silicon Valley giants are actively undermining America’s culture of free speech.

Now Twitter is cooking up new censorship techniques that will leave you red with rage.

Democrats blamed Facebook for Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in 2016.

An outsider wasn’t supposed to win a Presidential election, and the establishment wanted to make sure it could never happen again.

That’s why Big Tech actively censors anything counter-narrative in the name of stopping “misinformation.”

Now Twitter is coming up with new ways to chill free speech.

9To5Mac reports:

“Twitter is working on misinformation warning labels, according to the researcher Jane Manchun Wong. After introducing the ‘read before you retweet’ pop-up, the social network is now working on three levels of misinformation warning labels: Get the latest, Stay Informed, Misleading.”

Anyone who posted anything raising questions about the 2020 election, saw warning labels slapped on their tweets, if their account wasn’t banned outright.

Meanwhile, tweets about Stacey Abrams being the duly elected Governor of Georgia did not receive such labels.

9To5Mac continued

“For example, if she tweets ‘Snorted 60 grams of dihydrogen monoxide and I’m not feeling so well now,’ Twitter will prompt a ‘Get the latest’ label about water information.

If she tweets ‘In 12 hours, darkness will ascend in parts of the world. Stay tuned,’ it is going to appear a ‘Stay Informed’ label because Wong is referring to the concept of timezones and not that the world is ending.

For her final example, she tweeted, ‘We eat. Turtles eat. Therefore we are turtles,’ which prompts a ‘Misleading’ label since it’s a logical fallacy.”

This is disturbing because it means jokes will get labels on them.

Something similar has happened to the wildly popular satirical site The Babylon Bee.

Because they frequently lampoon the insanity of the Left, they often get “fact-checked” by the establishment gatekeepers.

Multiple outlets have accused them of spreading “fake news” even though they’re overtly a comedic site.

The Babylon Bee is still not verified on Twitter despite nearly 1 million followers.

The establishment doesn’t want any discussion outside the Overton Window, and Twitter is happy to oblige.

If people are not free to make jokes or posit theories without censorship, then free speech is in peril.

Some members of the Left even believe that free speech is “problematic.”

The Stalinist Left is making a soft push for control of language.

And where it will end up is anyone’s guess at this point. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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