Twitter Files journalist who testified before Congress just revealed the globalists’ next scheme

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The people in charge are losing their grip on power.

That’s why they’ve become so bold in exerting control.

And a Twitter files journalist who testified before Congress just revealed the globalists’ next scheme.

Brexit in the UK and the election of Donald Trump were shocks to the system.

Globalist elites saw a crack in their power, and they’re attempting to reassert control with heavy-handed censorship under the guise of fighting “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

Misinfo and dissinfo – the dying legacy media’s last gasps to hang on to power with their political pals

And independent journalist Michael Shellenberger—who published several Twitter Files dispatches exposing censorious collusion between Big Tech, NGOs, and the federal government—explained that the Censorship Industrial Complex is far more pernicious than imagined.

Shellenberger spoke with an anonymous professional inside the social media industry that said European Union-style censorship controls are coming to the United States.

Britons, for example, do not have free speech; people can and have been arrested for “hate speech” on social media.

And the insider told Shellenberger that’s what the globalist elites want for America.

He explained, “It’s even worse than you think. Prior to Elon [Musk] taking over the company, Twitter was part of the apparatus. And in any case, even now, it is too big to kill. Smaller dissidents are liable to get squished before they seriously threaten the established order before anyone even knows they exist…Trust and safety is a very small universe. All the senior people who work in trust and safety for the big platforms know each other and tend to hold the same values. A lot of them are ex-DOJ. Formal coordination of their activities is hardly necessary, given that they tend to have common priors.”

There’s a reason home internet comes from cable companies

As the saga of Tucker Carlson’s cancellation at Fox News has highlighted, cable networks’ “bundling” deals with monopoly cable companies plays a much bigger role in cable television profits than even advertisers.

And even those viewers who cut cable altogether often end up having to pay the same monopoly cable companies.

They believe controlling the distribution infrastructure, gives them the right to censor the message

In essence, all of these people march in lockstep ideologically—most of them have been trained at the same elite universities—so there isn’t one fulcrum that can easily be attacked.

The insider added, “The conflict is total; it’s being waged in every school, business, and platform. I don’t think it’s appropriate to view the present conflict as a battle between movements with leaders but rather as a conflict between religions. If one leader falls on either side, two more will rise to take their place. This is a battle of world views, not of organizations.”

Shellenberger asked, “You mean beyond the First Amendment?”

The insider chillingly responded, “The First Amendment is the expression of a dead worldview. It is not a worldview itself. It derives its legitimacy from the Enlightenment, and the Enlightenment is dead. The present conflict is over the new basic organizing principle to which an overwhelming majority of Americans can consent. Personally, I’d like to see a basic organizing principle that people can identify with, which has free speech as a logical consequence of holding that principle. Whether that worldview wins remains to be seen.”

The New York Times and other legacy institutions have only talked about how the First Amendment is “problematic,” and this is why.

Free speech has become too much of a threat to the people in power.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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