Twitter allowed China to get away with something truly disturbing

Big Tech swiftly brought the hammer down on Donald Trump.

Every major platform banned him immediately after the Capitol Hill riot.

But Twitter allowed China to get away with something truly disturbing.

Democrats and their allies in Big Tech have complained incessantly about fake news from conservatives voices, but they’re far less vigilant about propaganda coming from China.

Whether Americans realize or not, the United States is engaged in a Cold War with China, and the Chinese Communist Party is being aided in its propaganda efforts by the American corporate-controlled press and Big Tech.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Twitter allowed tens of thousands of fake accounts to spread CCP propaganda.

The AP carried out a seven-month long investigation in coordination with the Oxford Internet Institute and found that China wields a massive army of fake accounts on Twitter to retweet Chinese diplomats and state media tens of thousands of times in order to amplify propaganda to reach hundreds of millions of people – all without any disclosure the content is government-sponsored. 

Talk about a double-standard.  Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe recently found himself banned from Twitter after they claimed he violated their “platform manipulation and spam policy,” suggesting he was operating multiple fake accounts to boost the spread of his content. 

O’Keefe is now suing Twitter for defamation. 

And when it came to the 2020 election, Twitter blocked the New York Post from disseminating a true story about Hunter Biden because the Left was afraid the story would hurt Joe Biden’s chances of defeating Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, CCP subversion carried on with slow intervention.

The AP investigation found that Twitter only removed the content weeks or even months after the activity.  In total, the investigation discovered nearly 27,000 accounts that were able to spread Chinese propaganda almost 200,000 times before the accounts were suspended.  Those retweets often amounted for much of the total engagement the accounts received on Twitter.

The biggest problem with Big Tech at the moment is that it has largely merged with the Democratic establishment.

Stories and accounts that harm the Democrats will be suppressed both algorithmically and by human intervention.

The establishment lost control of the narrative in 2016 because they couldn’t control the flow of information online.

Ever since then, the establishment has been attempting to claw back control by zapping dissident voices, or attempting to discredit them with smear campaigns.

Big Tech has become a giant problem because the people in charge of it are seemingly ambivalent about free speech.

They’re more interested in stopping right-wingers than keeping a watchful eye on anti-American CCP propaganda.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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