Tulsi Gabbard just dropped a truth bomb all over one of the Democrat Party’s central tenets

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For decades, the Left treated women as a monolithic bloc they could lean on to advance Democrats’ political agenda.

Democrat Party elites’ true colors began to get exposed in the light and now there’s no putting the cat back in the bag.

And now Tulsi Gabbard has just dropped a truth bomb all over one of the Democrat Party’s central tenets.

As perhaps the most high-profile woman to ever wash her hands of the Democrats, former Hawaii Congresswoman and 2020 Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is leading the way in exposing how they’re playing with fire in the “woke” new Democrat world.

Democrats have commanded an outsized share of American women’s votes for decades.

But after insisting to be the enlightened Party of women, puppies, and the environment, Democrats are showing their true colors—and it’s not pretty.

Gabbard says her former party has adopted a platform of “hatred and hostility towards women.”

The Emperor now has someone’s clothes . . . but the point is the same

She recently highlighted what Democrats put on display during International Women’s Day to prove her point.

“We just celebrated International Women’s Day last week,” she said Saturday. “I was scrolling through social media seeing, you know, what are people saying about it, and you saw a lot of nice, flowery words from a lot of people in Washington celebrating women and all that women have accomplished over the years and all these great inspiring examples of women leaders throughout our time,” Gabbard said.

“We know the hypocrisy there, you ask them what is a woman, and they can’t answer the question,” she added. “And one of the people they chose to honor in White House on International Women’s Day was not a woman at all, it was a biological male.”

“There are two major points here,” she went on to say. “Number one is there is no greater expression of hatred and hostility towards women than to try to erase our existence as a category of people and to minimize us to being a construct of anyone’s imagination.”

The former Democrat made her remarks during the Vision 2024 National Conservative Forum in Charleston, SC.

“And the second thing that doesn’t get talked about often enough as we are looking at this insanity, is that by rejecting the objective truth – that there is such a thing as a woman, they are rejecting the existence of objective truth as a whole,” she pointed out.

“And when we remove those boundaries of what is actually true and false, not my truth or your truth, or their truth or whatever it is, that there is such a thing as objective truth, then we remove all the boundaries of our society. And we end up in a position what we’re seeing right now where what is declared as true is based on whatever those in power say that it is. And we’ve seen again how this changes over time.”

Gabbard’s points are especially relevant as global elites push for government agencies to crack down on so-called “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

Davos and Democrats Truth and Reconciliation Commission-style plans for America

During this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland plots to shut down citizens’ rights to free speech were flying thick.

“I think we’re going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online,” Inman Grant, Australia’s “eSafety commissioner” asserted. “You know, from freedom of speech to the freedom to–you know–to be free from on, online violence.”

Joe Biden’s failed Federal Communications Commission nominee has also called for creating a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” that would allow the government to decree what citizens are officially supposed to believe.

Considering the current political climate, Gabbard’s warnings are spot on.

There’s nothing the left-wing radicals running the Democrat Party would like to do more than swap objective truth for their partisan propaganda.

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