Tucker Carlson’s latest interview has free speech opponents reeling

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It is no secret that the First Amendment is under attack in America, especially when it comes to the Freedom of Speech.

Not only are people being canceled for espousing their viewpoints, but in many cases people are being doxed and even jailed.

But Tucker Carlson’s latest interview has free speech opponents reeling.

The future of the freedom of speech is in serious jeopardy

Whether it is government orchestrated media collusion or society’s intolerance for opposing viewpoints, the freedom of speech is under attack in America.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this assault on the First Amendment comes in the case of Douglass Mackey, who was recently sentenced to prison for posting a meme that critics claim encouraged people to not vote in 2016.

Last week, Mackey spoke with Tucker Carlson about his experiences and how he plans to fight back moving forward.

However, in typical form, this has infuriated his enemies, who falsely claim that he is a white supremacist and/or a Russian operative, both of which are false claims.

Leading the charge on the false claims is Luke O’Brien who played a key role in outing Mackey, leading to his prison sentence Mackey and Carlson’s conversation revealed.

Show some proof for once

“I’ve been getting a few messages tonight from Tucker fans eager to defend Doug Mackey, a white supremacist who spread actual Nazi propaganda (and Kremlin propaganda),” O’Brien tweeted on Thursday, following the release of Mackey’s interview with Tucker Carlson.

O’Brien added, “But Tucker didn’t tell his viewers that. Tucker chose to promote an antisemitic criminal in this moment.”

Not only do many people agree that Mackey is not a white supremacist, but there is also no proof that his posts have any direct link to the Kremlin.

During his interview with Mackey, Carlson said, “If someone had even told you even ten years ago that you could be indicted by the federal government and go to prison for ten years for making fun of Hillary Clinton on social media, you would not have believed it. It’s a free country. We have free speech.”

Mackey then reflected on his charges, saying “I knew that politicians could be vindictive and the federal government sometimes could be influenced by those politicians. And I know that they can sort of get very creative with federal statutes, so if I was the enemy of their candidate, then I thought that maybe they could cook something up.”

Mackey’s sentence reveals the sinister nature of the Left and their deep-rooted hatred of the First Amendment

Mackey’s sentence demonstrates the deep rooted hatred that many on the Left have for freedom of speech, which has been made even more obvious since his trial.

For the Left, anything that they deem to be “Russian propaganda” or “white supremacist” must be eliminated without question, even if they are neither.

Pandora’s box has been opened, and Mackey’s case is likely just the first of many to come.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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