Tucker Carlson revealed the exact moment he turned on Cheney and the warmongers

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Tucker Carlson has become the worst nightmare of Permanent Washington.

But it wasn’t always that way.

And Carlson revealed the exact moment he turned on the Cheneys and the warmongers.

Tucker Carlson has become the sworn enemy of the neocons and the Military Industrial Complex.

But he used to work for them.

Carlson previously wrote for Bill Kristol’s The Weekly Standard, and supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Tucker’s turn

However, Carlson quickly turned on the war and reckless interventionism altogether.

Carlson’s father, famous journalist and diplomat Dick Carlson, shamed him into covering the Iraq War from the ground instead of the safe confines of Washington, D.C.

And Carlson explained that he was disgusted by the whole enterprise when speaking to a general at dinner.

During a podcast interview with comedian and libertarian political commentator Dave Smith, Carlson revealed, “I didn’t realize how corrupt and disgusting and feminized the officer class was and politicized, just repulsive people actually at the flag officer level. So we’re sitting at dinner and this general is telling me about, ‘I saw something really touching today. I saw we had this female officer, and she was killed. Her legs were blown off by an IED, and her husband was there.’”

The general thought he was telling a heartwarming story, but Carlson was horrified.

He continued, “And, he, you know, they’ve got three kids back in Virginia. But he held her hand as she died. And this ultimate sacrifice for America. And I was like—what you’re, like, celebrating this? A girl got killed, a mother. I thought we fought wars to protect mothers and children. First of all, if you’re sending girls to fight your wars, you’re disgusting.”

 Carlson added that “if there’s a home invasion at your house at three in the morning, you’re like, ‘Honey, I dealt with the last one. Go, go. Defend us.’ I hope that she leaves you. And she will, by the way. So if you’re sending women to defend you, it’s not a civilization worth defending. That’s how I feel.”

Protecting women is hating women, General reportedly suggested

Carlson said that the senior officials essentially called him a misogynist for his position.

Smith responded, “I don’t know how supporting women getting their legs exactly became the woman’s position.”

“Exactly,” Carlson said. “And this guy accused me of being like a woman hater. So here I’ve got a wife and three daughters who I revere, who I would die for without thinking. . .I don’t think I’ve ever hated a man more than I hated this general. I wish I remember his name.”

Carlson returned to the states and repudiated his initial position on the war.

He explained, “I came back to Washington. . .And I did an interview with The New York Times, and I said I cannot believe I supported something like, this is totally evil, what we’re doing. And I’ve never moved from that position.”

That story is why Carlson hates the warmongers so much, and why they hate him.

He’s not going to stop calling out their wars and reckless nation-building attempts.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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