Tucker Carlson revealed one harsh truth that has Democrats fuming

Tucker Carlson has never been afraid to call out the radical Left, which has made him one of the most-watched cable TV hosts.

That’s why liberals so desperately want him off the air for good, with violent leftist mobs surrounding his private home and harassing his young family over this past summer.

And Tucker Carlson just dropped one fact so damning that Democrats completely lost their cool.

If there is one thing Democrats hate, it is bona fide facts that counter their narratives of racial oppression, implicit bias, and inequity among minorities across the country.

Instead of relying on facts and logic, liberals typically let their emotions be the driving factor when producing legislation that ironically disadvantages the very groups they claim to support.

But Tucker Carlson and other conservatives like him aren’t afraid to speak the truth, even when it offends people. 

Carlson brings the exact fearlessness, tact, and political know-how that Fox News desperately needs to drive viewership back to its pre-2020 election numbers.

On a recent airing of his show, Carlson slammed the Left’s obsession with race and identity politics when talking about the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.

He referred to a 2018 “racial profiling” scandal in the city involving a black student attending the nearby Smith College, an elite private school for women.

The “incident” was captured on video and simply showed a campus security officer asking the student – alone in a cafeteria during the summer when most students were off-campus due to COVID-19 lockdowns – why she was there.

After explaining that she was simply taking a summer course, the security officer politely left her alone. 

Clearly, the security officer was only doing the job he gets paid to do.

Despite it clearly being a normal, non-aggressive conversation, the student, named Oumou Kanoute, took to social media accusing a cafeteria worker Jackie Blair of racism, despite the fact that she had nothing to do with the situation.

Before even investigating Kanoute’s accusations, the president of Smith College, Kathleen McCartney, suspended Blair without cause and enacted a reeducation program for all white employees of Smith College about “racism and bias.”

Singling out white employees for “racial bias re-education programs” is hardly a unique occurrence. 

Both renowned universities and high-profile companies like Google have implemented these programs to promote racial equity when in actuality it furthers our country’s worsening racial divide.

But after concluding the investigation, Smith College found that there was no evidence of racism in the situation at all.

Despite those findings, McCarthy chose to keep her initial conclusion, simply stating that it “is impossible to rule out the potential role of implicit racial bias,” which is the liberal notion that all white people have implicit racial biases toward minorities due to decades of pervasive systemic racism.

While this is the main part of Carlson’s story on Fox News, he began the segment by talking about the town of Springfield, the closest metropolitan center to Smith College and where many of the college’s employees live.

While the Smith University campus is located in a neighboring town called Northampton that’s very well-off, with the university having a $2 billion endowment and a yearly tuition of over $75,000, Springfield is the most dangerous city in Massachusetts.

According to RealEstate.usnews.com, Springfield possesses a “higher than average” crime rate to similarly sized cities.

“Springfield is a tragic place, but it’s also a living metaphor,” Carlson said.

“Fewer than 20 miles away is another metaphor, the town of Northampton. Northampton is as well-kept as Springfield is fraying. Northampton doesn’t have manufacturing, it has something better: Smith College, an all-female liberal arts school that used to be impressive years ago.”

He points out the obvious hypocrisy of Kounate’s claims of racism, as she had an elite upbringing growing up in an affluent family and attending boarding school. 

In comparison, the cafeteria worker the school punished likely lives in near-poverty conditions that makes maintaining her job that much more important to her and her family’s well-being.

If this is the Left’s answer to “social and racial biases,” then they have a lot of work left to do to actually make good on their promise of equity for all Americans.

But it’s Carlson’s statements that really infuriated Democrats.

Radical Left Democrat Sen. Ed Markey lashed out at Carlson claiming Springfield is “diverse and beautiful, full of vibrant neighborhoods, and home to world class hospitals, colleges, and museums,” and demanding Carlson “keep Springfield out of his mouth,” adding that the residents don’t deserve his “vicious, dishonest, and hateful comments.”

Democrat State Sen. Adam Gomez similarly told Carlson to “keep [his] City’s name out of his mouth.”

It seems as if Democrats are in denial about the true socio-economic state of the cities they represent.

When it comes down to it, Democrats truly hate it when the truth is spoken, and feverishly go into overdrive to squelch any factual claims that go against their biased agenda.

By calling out Democrats on their obvious misrepresentations of race relations in America, Tucker Carlson is one of the few true conservatives to put his money where his mouth is.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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