Tucker Carlson raised one major question about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

The establishment is desperate for people to stop talking about Jeffrey Epstein.

Everyone is supposed to forget about his crimes and his elite client list.

But Tucker Carlson raised one major question about Epstein’s death.

The phrase “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” became a meme after his suspicious death while in federal prison.

The details of his death were absurd.

The camera on his cell malfunctioned, and both security guards tasked with watching him fell asleep on the job.

And years later, questions around his death still have not been clarified.

But Fox News host Tucker Carlson still wants answers.

Fox News host slams Trump Attorney General’s account of Epstein cause of death as “not true”

He even called out former Attorney General Bill Barr for hurriedly wrapping up the investigation when questions still abounded.

Carlson said, “Barr began by claiming that the medical examiner who conducted Epstein’s autopsy ruled his death a suicide, but that is not true. The initial cause of death following the autopsy was not suicide, but ‘pending,’ which is to say unclear. The medical examiner who performed the autopsy could not say how Jeffrey Epstein died.”

Epstein supposedly strangled himself with bed sheets in a way that would be incredibly difficult based on body positioning.

Carlson added, “Forensic pathologist Michael Baden, who was also present that day, came away believing Epstein had been murdered. After reviewing more than a thousand suicides by hanging in New York state, Baden later said he couldn’t find a single neck injury, not one, that matched the injury that Epstein sustained.”

And then there was the issue of the security guards and the cameras.

Carlson continued, “Both cameras trained on the door of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell did not work that night famously and to this day, no one has explained why they didn’t work. So the video footage that Bill Barr said he watched didn’t cover Epstein’s cell, just the entrance to the larger cellblock.”

There were other prisoners on the cellblock, so others could have accessed Epstein’s cell without being caught on camera.

Carlson concluded, “Was Jeffrey Epstein hanging from a bedsheet, as the authorities insist? They say he was strangled by a ligature of his own making. His neck was bloody, but the strip of sheet was not. Or was he killed with the electrical cord from his C-PAP machine for sleep apnea? That’s what Dr. Baden concluded because that would be consistent with his actual injuries at autopsy. These are very basic questions. These are not conspiracy theories.”

However, nobody is investigating these questions.

Carlson urged the new Republican majority to get the ball rolling, but thus far, politicians are not enthusiastic about pursuing the matter.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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