Tucker Carlson lowered the boom on Mike Johnson for this gift to the Deep State

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The Deep State is preparing for a potential return to the White House by Donald Trump.

Now they’re getting a boost from RINOs in Congress. 

And Tucker Carlson lowered the boom on Mike Johnson for this gift to the Deep State.

FBI’s weaponization is being rewarded with sprawling new headquarters 

The rot in the FBI was exposed during former President Donald Trump’s first term in office.

And these alarming problems have continued after he left office.

But when it came time to draw a line in the sand, Congressional Republicans folded like a cheap suit.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) shepherded through a $1.2 trillion spending package that funded all of President Joe Biden’s top political priorities.

Tucked away in the bill was a $200 million down payment for the FBI’s new headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The money was on top of $1.5 billion already appropriated to the project which likely became the most expensive federal construction project in history.

Conservatives had been fighting for the FBI’s budget to be cut in the spending package but Johnson bowed to Democrats on another major fight.

Tucker Carlson slams Mike Johnson for funding the FBI’s new headquarters

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Empower Oversight president Tristan Leavitt about the latest FBI scandal.

Leavitt’s group has represented FBI whistleblowers that have come forward during the Biden administration about the bureau’s weaponization, particularly in regards to January 6.

He received an FBI questionnaire from a whistleblower that probed agents about their support for Trump, the Second Amendment, and vaccines.

Carlson took off the gloves on House Republicans that rewarded the FBI.

“What’s so baffling is that Republicans hold the majority in the House. There’s a Republican speaker,” Carlson said. “We now know you’ve proven with these documents that supporting a Republican for president is enough to get your security clearance revoked. So, the FBI is, by definition, a political secret police organization. And that’s antithetical to freedom.”

The FBI targeted whistleblowers and agents uncomfortable with the bureau’s politicization by revoking their security clearances.

Losing a security clearance as an FBI agent is effectively a career ender because it’s a requirement of the job.

“And yet the Republicans in the Congress, even though this is all very obvious, just refunded the FBI and allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to build them a new headquarters. They’re rewarding the FBI,” Carlson continued. “So, at what point do Republicans say, ‘I’m sorry, we’re not going to pay for a secret police organization dedicated to destroying us.’”

Leavitt was hopeful that the security clearance scandal would be the “tipping point” to overhauling the rogue agency.

He added that his group had hard evidence that the FBI was making political decisions to terminate security clearances.

“It just becomes clear every day that January 6 was, well, a hoax, on one level,” Carlson remarked. “But the response to it was one of the most corrupt things that’s ever happened in our lifetimes in this country. I mean, that’s the conclusion I’m coming to.”

Mike Johnson has made it clear that accountability for the FBI won’t happen on his watch.

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