Tucker Carlson just inked one deal that has sent shock waves through Amazon and Fox News

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Tucker Carlson was fired from his job at Fox News Channel – but has managed to gain even more influence since.

However, Big Media is stopping at nothing to silence Tucker’s voice before his audience grows too big to be controlled.

But now Carlson has inked a new deal that is sending shock waves through Fox News and Amazon.

Tucker Carlson vs. Fox News Channel

All eyes have been on Tucker Carlson since his unceremonious exit from Fox News Channel.

The former number one host on Fox News Channel has been hosting a show on X Sessions.

Tucker’s Twitter videos are garnering far more viewers than Fox News’ primetime lineup.

The fact is, viewers have fled Fox in droves since the 24/7 news channel parted ways with its former top rated host.

But while Carlson is drawing a massive audience – that doesn’t always equate to making massive money on social media.

However, one of the biggest voices on the right side of the political aisle just signed a deal with a new sponsor that will ensure his financial success – much to the charging of the suits over at Fox.

Public Sq vs. Amazon

And Fox News executives aren’t the only ones nervous about Tucker’s new partnership.

Jeff Bezos and his team of woke corporatists at Amazon are keeping a close eye on the new deal.

Public Sq has signed on to be Carlson’s first major advertiser.

Tucker will be endorsing Public Sq both on his X Sessions show and on his website.

Additionally, Carlson’s merchandise will be available for his fans to purchase on Public Sq.

It’s a big step up in advertiser from the reverse mortgage and mobile catheter companies that sponsor Fox New Channel shows.

Public Sq has stepped up as one of the leaders in the parallel economy movement on the Right.

They’re positioning themselves as the conservative alternative to Amazon.

Public Sq already features 70,000 businesses from a variety of different industries and roughly 1.6 million consumer members.

Public Sq’s e-shopping experience is scheduled to roll out on November first – just in time for conservative consumers to begin their Christmas shopping.

They will launch with more than 400,000 products ready for purchase in the app.

With the help of Carlson and his audience, the days of Amazon’s monopoly could soon be coming to an end.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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