Tucker Carlson just exposed the Left’s latest racism lie with one brutal truth

Five days a week, you can count on Tucker Carlson to counter the Left’s fake narratives. 

That’s why they want him off the air so bad. 

And Tucker Carlson just exposed the Left’s latest racism lie with one brutal truth. 

For the past four years, when the so-called “mainstream” media wasn’t attacking President Donald Trump, they were focusing on their other favorite target: white people. 

All the problems in the world have been laid on white people, who are demonized 24/7 on Fake News Media channels like CNN. 

The latest attack on white people has come in response to a sharp increase in violence against Asian Americans. 

In the last year, violence against Asian Americans has risen over 149 percent compared to the year before. 

It is a real problem.

But instead of finding the root of the problem, the Left has already placed blame on their favorite boogeyman: “white supremacy.”

Following the recent shooting at a string of Asian massage parlors, the Left blamed it on white supremacy, simply looking at the fact that the shooter was white as evidence. 

But, as Tucker Carlson pointed on a recent show, that isn’t true.

Carlson explained that of the victims, “two were white, one was Hispanic, and the other six were Asian women,” adding that “of those six women, according to the South Korean government, at least four of them were Korean.”

The Fox News host also reveals that the reason for the shooting had nothing to do with race, but instead the shooter told police it was a response to his sex addiction, with the massage parlors he shot up being places he frequented, which served as fronts for prostitution. 

According to police, he stated that he wanted to eliminate that temptation.

But the Fake News Media has largely dismissed this, instead feeding the narrative of white people committing violence against Asian Americans. 

Carlson further adds that the media’s response almost certainly comes to the fact that, according to the numbers, the violence against Asian Americans is not being fueled by white people, but rather at the hands of African Americans. 

“So white supremacists did it,” Carlson said. “It’s such a lie. Asian-Americans do suffer quite a few violent attacks in this country, unfortunately, but there’s zero evidence that a rise in White supremacy is driving those attacks. We don’t have to guess about this, because the Justice Department keeps the numbers. According to federal statistics, African-American perpetrators are more likely than any other group to attack Asian-Americans. It happens quite a bit.”

Carlson goes on to explain that most racial violence in this country occurs within racial violence, with the exception of Asians, who are more likely to be attacked by African Americans than by members of their own ethnicity. 

“Most racial violence in this country, most violence of all kinds, occurs within racial groups,” Carlson explained. “Whites are the most likely to attack whites, blacks are the most likely to attack blacks, etc. The only exception we found were Asians. Asians were more likely to be attacked by African-Americans than by members of their own ethnicity.”

These are all facts that are counter to the Fake News Media’s narrative, and something they would consider racist.

But they are nothing more than facts. 

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