Tucker Carlson just exposed Biden’s new world order plan to create a police state

Since getting into the White House, Joe Biden has gone crazy with power. 

He has signed dozens of executive orders and announced radical plans to change America forever. 

And Tucker Carlson just exposed his new world order plan to create a police state. 

Punishing political opponents with the power of the government is something that is commonplace in dictatorships. 

But the United States is supposed to be different, with people being allowed to criticize, and investigate government officials. 

But as Tucker Carlson explained on a recent airing of his show, that isn’t the case with Biden in power, and instead America is moving “toward tyranny.”

He began by talking about former New York Mayor, and Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani following a raid of his home. 

“They seized his personal property, including his electronic devices, which included all of his digital communications and records,” Carlson explains, adding “the feds notified their allies at the Democratic Party’s campaign operation, The Lincoln Project” who later bragged that they knew the raid was coming. 

The raid was over Giuliani looking into Hunter Biden and his father’s dealings in Ukraine, yet the FBI refused to take possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard-drives during the raid. 

Carlson points out that Hunter Biden himself “told us on television that laptop, that hard drive, could be tied directly to Russian intelligence,” yet they don’t want it for some reason, showing that they don’t want to implicate Hunter Biden in any crime, but only Giuliani, because he is an ally to Trump.

The Fox News host also points to the treatment of Roger Stone, who was recently pardoned by then-President Trump for supposedly lying to Congress, a charge that was refused to be used against former director of national intelligence James Clapper, who lied by claiming that the NSA wasn’t spying on American citizens. 

Now the Biden administration is suing Stone for non-payment of taxes, despite him being in negotiations for a settlement.

Carlson touched on that by saying, “Stone had paid nearly everything he owed. He was negotiating a settlement for the rest. He was negotiating with the government, as many do. 

And then, the day after Biden’s inauguration, the Feds pulled out of the negotiation and went after him publicly. Roger Stone is broke.”

Yet, the government isn’t looking into Hunter Biden or his uncle Jim Biden, who are both well-known to have tax problems. 

Finally, Carlson pointed to the case of 60-year old Richard Barnett, who entered Nancy Pelosi’s office on January 6.

Despite committing no violence, he was locked in solitary confinement for months, where he was reportedly beaten by prison guards. 

Carlson is the only voice willing to point out these truths. 

In Biden’s America, it is becoming a crime to disagree with the government. 

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