Tucker Carlson just exposed an Islamic terrorist secret Joe Biden is trying to cover up

Joe Biden is spending a lot of time running from media cameras.

There is a lot he is trying to keep from the American people.

And Tucker Carlson just exposed an Islamic terrorist secret Joe Biden is trying to cover up.

If you watch CNN, or any of the other fake news networks, there is one thing they are calling for more than anything.

They are demanding the U.S. take in Afghan refugees by the cargo plane load.

There are calls for millions upon millions of them to be flown in, and dropped off in communities across the country.

But one thing they don’t know about any of the people they are demanding be brought to the U.S. is whether they are a threat or not.

Even asking that question will get you labeled a racist, Islamophobic bigot.

But Tucker Carlson asked the question, and when he looked into it, the few answers he could find were terrifying.

“The truth is, despite what they’re telling you, we have no real idea,” Carlson began. “We don’t know. We just learned, for example, that at least 100 of the refugees the U.S. military has flown out of Kabul – people we’re told are heroes – are in fact on terror watch lists. One man we evacuated apparently works for ISIS. Today, an Afghan interpreter told Fox News that this kind of thing is happening constantly. People are getting on planes in Kabul without any proof of identification whatsoever. It’s like voting in California.”

Carlson went on to play a quote from an Afghan interpreter who was inside the Kabul airport, who stated that he knows people he saw passed the security area at the airport who did not meet the criteria supposedly needed to get through.

And airline workers have stated that the government has been giving these “refugees” special treatment since they have arrived, like blocking Customs and Border Protection from gaining any information about the people being whisked through.

Carlson said, “The pilot said he was never given a passenger manifest, and that when the plane arrived at Dulles airport outside Washington, the State Department refused to share any passenger info with Customs and Border Protection, they just whisked right on through. In other words, as always, the unnamed foreign nationals got far better treatment than you would get if you landed at Dulles. Surprised?”

So there is no way to know who any of these people are, yet Joe Biden is demanding they be flown in here and resettled in American communities by the thousands.

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