Tucker Carlson destroyed Joe Biden’s latest globalist scheme with this devastating reality check

Joe Biden knows the clocking is ticking on his time in power.

He’s trying to ram through a nasty surprise.  

And Tucker Carlson destroyed his latest globalist scheme with this devastating reality check.

Democrats are desperately trying to keep the pandemic out of the spotlight after the polling turned against them.

But behind closed doors, Joe Biden is working on a massive pandemic power grab for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Biden is trying to sign off on the WHO’s pandemic treaty which would turn over American sovereignty over handling a pandemic to an unelected globalist body.

The WHO and its leader Tedros Adhanom ran cover for the Chinese during the pandemic and pushed the failed tyrannical responses of the public health elite like Fauci.

Tucker Carlson destroyed this disastrous globalist scheme being pushed by Joe Biden.

“Okay. So, there’s a guy with a long and documented history of subverting public health, who is clearly a liar, who is acting as an agent for the Chinese government,” Carlson said.

“And you have to ask yourself, did I vote for that guy? How did he get power over where I can travel and when?” he wondered. 

“And it’s not just lockdowns that man Tedros would be able to dictate,” he explained.

“The World Health Organization would also assume total control over vaccine manufacturing and distribution,” he continued.

Tucker explained how the WHO would take control over the production and distribution of “vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics and essential supplies” in a pandemic response.

“According to the treaty, those vaccines and essential medicines—because it gets better on every page—will be distributed not on the basis of need, but on the basis of equity,” Carlson stated.

“Equity is quoted, says, ‘critically important for global health, both as a principle and as an outcome.’ That’s what the treaty declares, he added.

“Therefore, the World Health Organization will ensure ‘equitable and effective access to vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics and essential supplies and for clinical trials’,” he explained.

“Not the sickest, not the people who need the medicine most, but the most vulnerable in a larger sense. In other words, favored groups get medicine first,” he remarked.

“There is no graver violation of medical ethics than this. Every physician, practicing in the United States, promises not to do what you just heard, and it would become mandatory under this treaty,” he commented.

“And by the way, the language you just heard, that is exactly the justification that officials in several states threw out when they were caught passing out vaccines based on race,” he observed.

“This is a power grab. It’s dangerous. It is, by the way, a reward to the very people who screwed up two years of COVID response,” he said.

“Oh, let’s give them more power. This is lunacy. And people who know that it’s happening are upset,” he concluded. 

In the shadows, Biden is attempting his biggest globalist power grab yet. 

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