Tucker Carlson could lose his job after the Left spread a despicable lie about him

There is nobody in the media more hated by the Left than Tucker Carlson.

He challenges them with more ferocity than everybody else in the corporate-controlled media combined.

But Tucker Carlson could lose his job after the Left spread a despicable lie about him.

The Left has become masters at propaganda.

They will make outlandish claims about their enemies, and have their allies in the Fake News Media cover those claims as facts.

Often, those claims are the exact opposite of what actually happened.

There is no better example than coverage relating to Antifa violence.

Instead of covering the violent terrorist activities of Antifa, the corporate-controlled press will often paint Antifa as the victims, and the people they are terrorizing as the attackers.

There is no better recent example of this than the situation at Wi Spa in Los Angeles, California.

When a mother confronted staff at the spa over a grown biological man, who believes he’s a woman, walking around naked in a women’s changing room around her young daughter, conservatives chose to protest the spa for allowing him to stay.

In response, mobs of Antifa agitators showed up, attacking pro-children protesters in the street.

The footage clearly shows Antifa as the agitators, but the Fake News Media instead claimed it was the conservative protesters causing violence.

And in a new twist, the Left’s narrative is that it was all Tucker Carlson’s fault.

Left-wing news outlet The New Republic wrote an article titled “How Tucker Carlson and a Story About a Possibly Fictional Trans Person Fueled Two Weeks of Violent Right-Wing Protests,” which argued that by talking about the story, Carlson fueled bigoted violence in the streets.

The sub-headline further adds, “The chaos unfolding outside of a Los Angeles spa is a case study in how the right’s media and political ecosystems feed each other, often resulting in very real violence.”

The article begins, “The scene at Los Angeles’s Wi Spa on Saturday was disorienting: Anti-trans feminists carrying signs with slogans like ‘protect female spaces’ mingled with QAnon adherents chanting ‘Save our children’; men in tactical gear and pro-Trump T-shirts stood ready for battle; while elsewhere in the crowd, suspected members and friends of the Proud Boys harassed journalists.”

They then go on to claim that the situation prompting the protests may not have even happened.

But that isn’t even the point, considering that the spa in question made clear that if a biological man, claiming to be female, were to expose themselves around young girls, it would be perfectly fine.

As the article goes on, it explains that the video of the incident slowly gained attention, until Carlson picked it up, which fueled the first protest.

And naturally, they claim that violence at the protests was actually committed by those on the Right, despite videos showing them being beaten by left-wing Antifa extremists, before fighting back in self-defense.

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