Tucker Carlson blasted shocking video feed fail that turns notion of blind justice on its head in Rittenhouse case

Justice is supposed to be blind – meaning that in a court of law, a person is tried on facts and evidence.

But the Big Tech mafia wanted facts hidden and justice to come from the mob.

And Tucker Carlson blasted a shocking video feed fail that turns the notion of blind justice on its head in the Rittenhouse case.

Censorship is far worse than Americans realize.

Big Tech is controlling what information people are allowed to see.

The narrative around Kyle Rittenhouse fell apart live on the courtroom stream.

All of the lies pushed by the corporate-controlled press unraveled during courtroom livestreams.

But that didn’t matter.  

YouTube turned the notion of blind justice on its head and viewers on some streams of the Rittenhouse trial were literally blinded to what was going on in the courtroom  just as prosecutors made some of their most outrageous charges.

Right-leaning legal commentary streams provided by Rekieta Law and Viva Frei were suddenly shut down by YouTube for no good reason.

Both YouTube channels had been covering the trial along with many other left-leaning channels, but it seems these channels were conspicuously targeted.

It has all the hallmarks of another Big Tech move to help enforce the establishment narrative around the case.

Tucker Carlson shined a spotlight on the blatant censorship.

It doesn’t look like an accident that the counter-narrative streams were shut down during a pivotal moment in the trial.

The corporate-controlled press repeated the lie that Rittenhouse “drove across state lines” in possession of an “illegal” weapon from the moment all of this started.

Those lies went up in smoke in court.

And it’s clear to anyone paying attention what really occurred.

YouTube wants to ensure that embarrassing moments for the prosecution don’t go viral such as when a prosecution witness admitted to pointing his gun at Rittenhouse before Kyle shot him in self defense.

Big Tech and corporate-controlled press in the Rittenhouse case could lead to many more Americans becoming “red-pilled” on how these elites corrupt society.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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