Trump’s lawyers argue the former President should have his Twitter account restored for this reason

When Twitter banished Donald Trump from the platform, many realized just how far Big Tech would go to protect leftist ideals.

It was censorship at its worst.

Now Trump’s lawyers argue the former President should have his Twitter account restored for this reason.

There are a number of reasons Donald Trump shouldn’t be banned from Twitter, but few hold up in a legal setting.

However, it looks like the former President’s attorneys believe they have a case.

Lawyers for Donald Trump filed a lawsuit recently in Florida against Twitter to restore access to his account.

They argue his account was a “key channel for official communication” as a government official.

The case is hinging on Trump’s status as a government official, not a private citizen.

In the argument the lawyers say Trump did not violate Twitter’s terms of service agreement.

“One thing is undeniably clear in this case: Plaintiff’s account was a government account, and not a private one when he was censored,” the lawsuit reads.

Of course, everyone knows that Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, doesn’t care about the legal jargon, this is all about control to him.

Big Tech is on a power trip and is loving every minute of censoring Trump and his supporters.

Trump’s lawyers called the Twitter account an official form of government communication to citizens.

“Plaintiff repeatedly used his account to report to the citizens of the United States on virtually every aspect of presidential activity, including but not limited to meetings with foreign leaders, and inform America as to the administration’s positions on healthcare, immigration, foreign affairs, and other matters affecting the lives of all Americans,” the lawsuit read.

The lawsuit was intentionally filed in Florida to avoid having the case moved to California where Twitter is headquartered.

“Plaintiffs respectfully submit that as California has no particular interest in how Florida regulates businesses within its borders, California courts should not be burdened with enforcing Florida’s laws, and matters concerning Florida consumers should not be vested in the care of Californian jurors,” the lawyers stated.

It is possible they’re onto something, considering Donald Trump was banned from Twitter as a sitting President, not as a private citizen.

And previously, in 2019, Trump lost a lawsuit over blocking Twitter users on that account since it was used in his official capacity as President of the United States.

Win or lose, the evidence is clear that this is all about keeping down the dissenting voices and it’s likely Jack Dorsey will continue to censor anyone he believes is a threat to his radical ideas.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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