Trump impeachment lawyer just threw cold water on Democrats’ celebration

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Democrats are taking a victory lap after Donald Trump’s sham conviction.

Despite years of endless investigations, the best they could come up with was a bogus hush money charge.

But Trump’s impeachment lawyer just threw cold water on Democrats’ celebration.

George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was initially reluctant to bring charges against Donald Trump.

But he was goaded by the Left and followed through with the falsifying business records indictment.

Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan perverted justice in order to get a conviction against Trump, and the Democrats were overjoyed.

However, Jonathan Turley, one of Trump’s impeachment attorneys, argued that the Democrats’ celebration could be short-lived.

Turley appeared on Fox News to break down the case.

Co-host Sandra Smith asked, “I want to move on to the Trump latest, because here we are, Monday, fresh off the Trump trial and the guilty verdict for the former president. . .Where do you see it going now that you’ve had a weekend to think about it?”

“Reversible error”

Turley responded, “Few people outside of Manhattan have a lot of faith in the New York system right now. Former President Trump may have some slow sliding initially on appeal but many of us see layers of reversible error here, and it could end up in front of the Supreme Court. I personally don’t see how this verdict can be sustained. I was in that courtroom, and I was shocked by how the court was ruling.”

Judge Merchan made many mistakes, giving Trump ample grounds for appeal.

For starters, Merchan refused to recuse himself despite donating to an anti-Trump PAC.

Turley continued, “I would hope that eventually, maybe not initially, that eventually, an appeal will prevail in the verdict will be thrown out.”

Co-host John Roberts asked, “Is there a possibility of this going to the Supreme Court before it goes to the appellate court in New York on an emergency petition?”

Turley added, “I would bet against it.”

Legal scholars on both the Left and the Right have denounced the case.

Sham case

For instance, before the trial even began, Alan Dershowitz said, “There’s not even a misdemeanor here because, for it to be a misdemeanor, he has to have failed to disclose the actual reason he made the payment.”

Presumably, Trump’s payment to former lawyer Michael Cohen as “legal services” was somehow a falsification, even though the money went to Cohen.

Dershowitz continued, “In other words, what Bragg is saying is that he should have written in his records [that] the $130,000 was paid to a porn star, to shut her up and avoid having my wife, children, business associates learn that I had an adulterous affair. Well, if that were required of everybody, no one would ever pay nondisclosure money. It’s never happened before, so there isn’t even a misdemeanor, so to turn it into a felony, you have to get into Trump’s mind and you have to say that the only reason he disguised the payment as legal expenses was to get elected president, not to avoid disclosure to his wife, family, his business associates. They won’t be able to prove that, it doesn’t make any sense.”

But Bragg did not need to prove it because he had a Manhattan jury that hated Trump’s guts.

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