Trump got some bad news about his indictment from one red state governor

Georgia National Guard from United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s legal problems keep stacking up.

The Democrats have unleashed multiple witch-hunt indictments at once.

And Trump got some bad news about his indictment from one red state governor.

The Democrats have invested their hopes into Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis’s indictment of Donald Trump.

Willis is bringing RICO charges against Trump and his attorneys as if he were a mafia boss.

Even liberal legal scholars believe the indictment is overbroad and nakedly partisan, but that doesn’t mean the Democrats can’t secure a conviction.

Pardon my MAGA . . .  not so fast in the Peach State

And in the state of Georgia, the governor does not have the power to pardon someone unilaterally.

Moreover, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is not too keen on intervening on behalf of Trump.

Amid calls for the governor to find a way to fire Willis, Kemp shot down the idea.

Kemp said, “[M]y concerns with the Fulton County District Attorney’s handling of this case in the special purpose grand jury have been well-documented. We are now seeing what happens when prosecutors move forward with highly charged indictments and trials in the middle of an election. Simply put, it sews distrust and provides easy pickings for those who see the district attorney’s action as guided by politics. But let me be clear. We have a law in the state of Georgia that clearly outlines the legal steps that can be taken if constituents believe their local prosecutors are violating their oath by engaging in unethical or illegal behavior. Up to this point, I have not seen any evidence that D.A. Willis’s actions or lack thereof, warrant action by the prosecuting attorney oversight commission.”

Governor is no Trump fan

Governor Kemp and Trump have had an icy relationship to say the least after the 2020 election.

Trump even primaried Kemp, but the incumbent easily won, then crushed Stacey Abrams in the general election.

Kemp added, “The bottom line is that in the state of Georgia, as long as I’m governor, we’re going to follow the law in the Constitution regardless of who it helps or harms politically…And in Georgia, we will not be engaging in political theater that only inflames the emotions of the moment.”

Unfortunately, the Democrats are not using any sober judgment with regard to turning down the political temperature.

They are going after Trump full bore.

If Trump were convicted, his only hope to avoid jail time could be a speedy appeal.

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