Trump attorney lowered the boom on Fani Willis with one statement that totally exposed her political motivations

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Democrats are ramping up their lawfare against Donald Trump.

They will stop at nothing less than Trump in prison and penniless.

But a Trump attorney just lowered the boom on Fani Willis with one statement that totally exposed her political motivations.

Democrats were smiling when disgraced attorney Sidney Powell accepted a plea deal in the Georgia election interference case against Donald Trump.

Powell, who promised to “release the Kraken” regarding the 2020 election but never delivered, will cooperate with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in an overbroad RICO case against Trump.

But Trump attorney Steve Sadow threw cold water on Powell’s surprising flip, stating, “Assuming truthful testimony in the Fulton County case, it will be favorable to my overall defense strategy.”

And Kenneth Chesebro, another attorney rolled up in the RICO prosecution, said that his plea deal in the case would not be damaging to Trump.

When asked whether or not Trump should be worried about Chesebro’s plea deal, Chesebro’s attorney Scott Grubman said, “I don’t think so…The plea agreement says that if he’s called, he’ll testify, and he’s a man of his word…That doesn’t mean that they’re going to call him and I don’t think that’s anywhere near certainty. And in fact, quite frankly, I would be somewhat surprised if they did [call him].”

It’s becoming clear that of all the politically-motivated case against Trump, Democrats are putting their bets on Fani Willis’

Chesebro was involved in the case because he presented a legal theory to Trump that he had a path to winning the state of Georgia if a court ruled that alternate electors be counted.

That legal counsel was somehow interpreted as a conspiracy to overturn an election.

Grubman continued, “He didn’t snitch against anyone. He went in there. He accepted responsibility.”

The attorney also shot down the notion that Chesebro was the “architect of some plan to overturn democracy.”

Good point

Grubman added, “If that were true, if Mr. Chesebro was the architect of a plan to overturn democracy, would the district attorney of Fulton County have offered him five years probation to terminate after three years, and first offender status, which means that it doesn’t even count as a conviction? And the answer’s no…The bottom line is while Mr. Chesebro and others felt strongly about various things…he gets to get his life back and not spend one day in jail. He was facing very, very serious charges.”

Democrats are breaking every norm in the book in order to take down Trump.

Prosecuting lawyers for the crime of lawyering is outlandish.

But the lawfare is part of the punishment.

Even if the charges are ridiculous, it’s still very expensive to fight them.

Meanwhile, the prosecution gets to burn taxpayer money.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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