Trucker Convoy funding site just delivered the one message the Left feared after this blood-chilling attack

The Trucker Convoy poses a major threat to the Left’s COVID regime.

That’s why global authoritarians’ salvos against them have been so heavy-handed.

But this Trucker Convoy funding site just delivered the one message the Left feared after this blood-chilling attack.

No matter how they like to think of themselves, leftists aren’t “resistance” fighters against fascism, they are the fascists working in service of the entrenched establishment.

That’s why the Left unleashed a full barrage of attacks against the Freedom Trucker Convoy that set patriot’s blood boiling.

First, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) in Ontario shut down over $1 million in funds to the freedom convoy, and leftist crowdfunding site GoFundMe closed a Convoy campaign that had accrued $10 million.

When Christian-based fundraising site GiveSendGo, stepped in to help the Trucker Convoy, they started drawing fire as the Left targeted them for destruction, too.

The Canadian government tried to stop the site from funding the protest and then leftist hackers took control of the GiveSendGo website, and doxxed contributors to the campaign in a despicable and obvious intimidation tactic.

The hackers displayed a video from the Disney film Frozen and scrolled text from their crackpot manifesto over the video.

The far-left manifesto began:

“Attention GiveSendGo grifters and hatriots,

The Canadian government has informed you that the money you assholes raised to fund an insurrection is frozen. TD Bank has frozen several accounts. You helped fund the January 6th insurrection in the U.S. You helped fund an insurrection in Ottawa. In fact, you are committed to funding anything that keeps the raging fire of misinformation going until that [sic] it burns the world’s collective democracies down. On behalf of sane people worldwide who wish to continue living in a democracy, I am now telling you that GiveSendGo itself is frozen.”

These hackers are working on behalf of an authoritarian government that’s forcing people against their will to get the COVID vaccine.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau stepped up the assault on the Trucker Convoy and any who dared help them even more, announcing that he would be enacting emergency powers to crack down even harder.

But GiveSendGo is fighting back, declaring, “We are in battle,” in a statement on Twitter as the company’s site went back up.

GiveSendGo assured the public that no donor credit cards were compromised in the attack and “no money was stolen.”

Now, Trudeau is not taking it well and Canadian Broadcast Service “journalists” have now been unleashed to start hounding those doxxed by the hackers.

Trudeau cannot afford to blink in the face of the protest, so he’s doubling down on his totalitarian measures.

If Trudeau folds, it will be a signal to world leaders that they cannot do whatever they want to their countries’ citizens.

The media coverage of Freedom Convoy protests has been shameful.

The same people who egged on the 2020 riots are appalled by the Trucker Convoy protests.

Suddenly, peaceful protests have become “problematic” for the Left.

With GiveSendGo regaining control of its website, it’s vital Patriots worldwide continue to stand up and support those who do.

Despite Trudeau’s threats, the Canadian government can’t do a thing to non-Canadians.

And it can’t use the “emergency measures” on any accounts of Canadians as of yet without a court order, according to Reuters.

“The Canadian Parliament has to approve the use of the act within seven days of the government invoking the emergency measures. Parliament also has the power to revoke its approval,” Reuters reported.

The Trucker Convoy needs reassurance from freedom-loving people worldwide now more than ever and GiveSendGo remains a viable means of doing so.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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