Top UN officials humiliated themselves with one infuriating refusal concerning an ongoing human rights nightmare they encouraged

Globalist leftists love to pretend they care about human suffering.

But usually, they’re causing it.

And top UN officials humiliated themselves with one infuriating refusal concerning an ongoing human rights nightmare they encouraged.

The Democratic Party has moved to the fringes of the Left embodied by the globalist hypocrites at the United Nations.

Joe Biden is going along with them.

He has weaponized the executive branch in shocking ways to go after political opponents.

Biden campaigned on supposed abuses against terrorist prisoners at Guantanmo Bay and has continued the work of releasing some Guantanmo Bay detainees begun during the Obama administration.

Yet, he remains silent about the abuse many innocent January 6 protestors have been caught up in for over a year.

In fact, despite serious issues plaguing the country, including the massive security breach at the Supreme Court this week and threats against the Justices, the Biden administration is focused on rounding up more protesters from January 6 who were “parading” in the Capitol.

Journalist Julie Kelly wrote on Twitter, “While the Left goads its supporters into God knows what mob action related to SCOTUS, Biden’s FBI still tracking down and arresting “paraders” from almost 16 months ago,”

Of course, Biden isn’t alone. 

The supposed human rights watchdogs at the United Nations refuse to make a peep about the ongoing witch hunts and man hunts for January 6 Capitol protesters.

In fact, they arguably called for it tweeting a day after that “We are deeply troubled by #USCapitol attack ⏩ demonstrating destructive impact of deliberate distortion of facts + incitement to violence & hatred. We call on all political leaders, incl. the US President, to disavow false and dangerous narratives.” 

Meanwhile, the Associated Free Press reported that the UN is doubling down on Biden’s campaign promise about Gitmo prisoners.

United Nations officials should be humiliated.

Capitol Hill rioters who engaged in violence should be prosecuted, but the people who were allowed into the building by security should not be top priority for the Department of Justice.

One January 6th defendant was already acquitted because he had camera footage proving he was ushered inside the building.

In some eye-opening footage, protesters who entered the House chamber were treated like a minor nuisance by security.

But many January 6th defendants have been treated worse than Guantanamo prisoners suspected of links to Al-Qaeda terrorism.

Defendants have been held without bail for over a year for relatively minor crimes.

Some were effectively forced  by the courts to say that they were racists – and required to denounce “white supremacy” before they could receive pro bono legal counsel.

Despite the gestapo tactics, the Democrats’ narrative around January 6th is crumbling.

Many more defendants are likely to get acquitted because of footage showing how they were let inside the building.

And Nancy Pelosi’s House select committee is nothing more than a witch hunt that has turned up exactly zero bombshells.

Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Matthew Rosenberg got caught telling an undercover investigative reporter for Project Veritas that January 6th wasn’t that big of a deal despite saying the opposite in the pages of the newspaper.

Biden is sitting atop a Democrat Party and an authoritarian administration that are going to every length imaginable to punish their political opponents.

And now, Democrats at every level of government are effectively encouraging their supporters to overthrow a pending Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe V. Wade. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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