Top Trump admin. DoD official dropped a truthbomb that Mike Pompeo and John Bolton aren’t going to like

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The D.C. Swamp has been exposed as deeply corrupt.

Now permanent Washington’s national security and intelligence communities are getting exposed.

And a top Trump administration DoD official just dropped a truthbomb that Mike Pompeo and John Bolton aren’t going to like.

Former Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kash Patel is fighting back against permanent Washington.

Patel is one of the people who was instrumental in uncovering the bogus Russiagate investigation intended to take down the Trump administration.

Patel is attempting to release a tell-all book called “Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy,” but the manuscript is being held up by the DoD for supposed classified information clearance.

As a DoD official under Donald Trump, Patel is familiar with how the clearance process works.

He explained that a DoD review typically takes three months; Patel submitted his manuscript on October 11th, but has not heard a peep.

The DoD had the gall to claim that it has no record of Patel’s manuscript.

And after nearly eight months of being strung along, Patel is suing in order to have his book released.

Trump DoD official Patel is suing the Pentagon for Blocking his book release

In an interview with Breitbart, Patel pointed out that former National Security Adviser John Bolton included classified information in his book, but the DOJ did not even bat an eye.

Patel explained, “And remember, Bolton just released his book and released classified information. DOJ didn’t prosecute him. I’m not worried about classified information. That’s the point my attorney was making because I know not to put that out there…They have admitted in writing, that they’re going to censor the book and non-classified information, which is illegal.”

So the government is going to censor information that the public is allowed to hear.

Patel continued, “But if I just released it, they’ll come after me. You know, I’m a target. They just let Bolton off. And anybody else, [former Defense Secretary Mark] Esper, [former State Secretary Mike] Pompeo can do what they want.”

Patel called out difference in treatment compared to former officials who support the Biden regime’s foreign adventures

People who are entrenched in the foreign policy establishment “can do what they want” as Patel pointed out.

This is why Trump was so hated; he crossed the warmongers and the deep state.

That is the source of The Swamp’s power, which is why the elites orchestrated a coup against Trump with the Russian collusion garbage.

Patel added, “I would love to win the lawsuit outright, but that would take time. And we could have filed a lawsuit on day one, but we’re like, all right, we’ll respect the process…I used to be there and get it, right? Three months, four months, five months. What’s going on? Nothing. It seems the Biden administration has made a policy out of punishing either whistleblowers or anyone who wants to expose waste, fraud, and abuse.”

The Biden administration clearly does not want Patel’s book to come out.

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