Top RINOs are getting nervous about the cultural undercurrent blasting to the surface courtesy of Oliver Anthony

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A Virginia factory worker has taken over the US’s $4 billion music industry.

Now, he’s made clear it’s not his talents but rather long-boiling political angst that’s starting to bubble over.

And top RINOs are getting nervous about the cultural undercurrent blasting to the surface courtesy of Oliver Anthony.

The anger in the country reflected on country music charts has RINOs in Congress dreading their next trip home

Fans of “Rich Men North of Richmond” songwriter and singer Oliver Anthony have not only pushed his politically charged tune to the top of the chart, but they’ve also made their support for all of his work crystal clear.

As of Friday, Anthony has the top song in America—across all music genres—according to iTunes.

He also had another three songs in the top ten of the American iTunes charts, meaning he can claim almost half of the most popular songs in America at the moment.

On top of that, Anthony had the three top spots on the country chart locked in with Jason Aldean’s “Try that In A Small Town” sitting in the number four position.

In all, Anthony has 19 songs in the top 100 country songs on iTunes with some making the cut even as duplicate versions of a song higher up on the chart, like the “Laundry Room Edition” of Ain’t Gotta Dollar with is sitting at number 35 on the chart compared to the original which is still way up there at number two.

Other artists are also doing well by taking a stand against the elite Leftist establishment with “Go Woke Go Broke” by Jokes On Wokes sitting at number 31 on the chart.

John Rich’s “I’m Offended” is ranked number 37.

Rich isn’t wasting any time being jealous of Anthony and has been speaking out about the new Virginia singing sensation.

“All the major record labels in Nashville are falling over themselves to lure Oliver Anthony,” Rich wrote in a post on X. “The irony is, if he would’ve been signed to a label when he wrote [Rich Men North of Richmond] none of us would have EVER hear it!”

Woody Guthrie meets Bocephus has elites shook

“His song fried their brains,” Rich added. “Their greed is overriding their wokeness.”

Country music legend Travis Tritt commented on Rich’s post writing, “100% truth.”

Even Larry The Cable Guy chimed in agreeing with Rich’s assessment.

Since his song shot to number one on the country chart, Anthony reported that he’s turned down music industry offers worth up to $8 million.

Find The Way

It seems Anthony realizes this is his moment and he’s not going to betray his legions of new fans by selling out to the very system he’s been railing against.

No doubt, every RINO member of Congress is watching this historical moment nervously — and they have to be dreading the next town halls in their home districts filled with Oliver Anthony fans.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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