Top Biden official spoke at one event that should chill Americans to the bone

Joe Biden’s administration has become a calamity of epic proportions.

There is no coherent message or philosophy because the Democrats are being pulled in different directions.

But a top Biden official spoke at one event that should chill Americans to the bone.

Joe Biden snuck into the White House because he told the American people he was a moderate.

But now that he’s in office, he has clearly moved further to the left because that’s where the center of the Democrat Party has moved.

And another Biden appointee is proving that his administration is anything but moderate.

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan spoke at an event sponsored by a far-Left group at Yale, her law school alma mater.

Breitbart reported that “FTC chairwoman Lina Khan, one of the highest-ranking federal appointments made by the Biden administration, will…speak at the Law and Political Economy project (LPE) of Yale Law School, an academic organization that has a syllabus on Soviet law, and hosts events with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Khan will be speaking at a relatively tame event centered on the future of anti-monopoly laws and regulation. But the LPE has, in the recent past, dabbled in considerably more extremist topics. The LPE recently teamed up with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to sponsor a nakedly partisan event called ‘how we win.’ According to the LPE’s own website, the goal of the event was to teach attendees how to advance the goals of socialism.”

These are the people that the “moderates” in the Biden administration are working with.

Meanwhile, leftist statements openly make life a living hell for members of the right-leaning Federalist Society.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), an organization that defends speech rights, reported that “speakers from the American Humanist Association and Alliance Defending Freedom visited Yale Law School for a panel discussion on civil liberties hosted by the Federalist Society student chapter. As the panelists began speaking, protestors opposed to ADF chanted, yelled, clapped, stomped, and pounded on the walls to prevent audience members from hearing the speakers throughout the event. Yale administrators and police officers did little to stop the disruption…FIRE wrote to Yale calling for the university to ensure that students can host expressive events free from severe disruptions.”

Yet open socialists congregate in peace and attract Biden administration officials to campus.

This ridiculous double standard is what conservatives deal with on college campuses around the country.

If hundreds of conservative students threatened a socialist event, the FBI would be called in immediately. 

Breitbart added that “the LPE also has a number of academic syllabi, including ‘Soviet Law: its origins and development,” ‘designing real utopias,’ and ‘Marxism and feminism.’ Khan has a long history at the LPE, having authored articles for the project since 2017. Now, as chairwoman of one of the most powerful regulatory bodies in DC, she is returning, despite the convention that FTC commissioners refrain from partisanship and ideological extremism.”

The fact that the LPE believes it can design “real utopias” sums up the delusion of the Left.

And these are the people that the Biden administration is in league with.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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