Top Antifa foe Andy Ngo just got whacked with the hammer thanks to Twitter’s new CEO

Big Tech is hellbent on aiding and abetting a radical leftist mob.

Actual journalists trying to cover the truth are getting hurt.

And top Antifa foe Andy Ngo just got whacked with the hammer thanks to Twitter’s new CEO.

Independent journalism is breaking through their narrative.

And the far Left is targeting a leading independent journalist after Big Tech handed them this hammer.

The recent change in leadership at Twitter is turning into a disaster for Conservatives.

Founder and long-time CEO Jack Dorsey retired and turned the company over to Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal – who by all indications is an even woker and more anti-free speech leftist than Dorsey.

One of Agrawal’s first moves as CEO was to launch a new censorship campaign to protect the radical Left.

Twitter changed its policy on sharing videos and images of private citizens to require their permission to have the content posted.

They offered a mealy-mouthed excuse about protecting activists and dissidents as justification.

The move is really about protecting radical left-wing groups like Antifa and BLM from having their destructive behavior exposed.

Andy Ngo of Conservative news site Post Millennial has been one of the leading journalists exposing the radical left-wing Antifa mob’s violence.

He’s been on the ground in Portland, Oregon, the epicenter of Antifa violence covering them.

Videos and images of their violent and destructive reign of terror over the city have been frequently posted to his Twitter account.

Ngo has been repeatedly targeted by the group and even been violently beaten by them for daring to expose them.

Now with Twitter’s new policy, brave independent journalism like this is in danger.

Because Twitter’s new rules require the consent of people he’s filmed or photographed he can be banned from the platform even if his content was posted before the new rule.

It’s clear the move by Twitter was aimed at leading to exactly that outcome for independent and conservative news outlets who often use the platform to drive much of their readership. 

And Antifa is already jumping on the chance to use the policy to censor the few journalists exposing them.

A major Antifa Twitter account in Portland put out a call to have Ngo’s Tweets featuring videos and images of them reported in violation of the new policy.

As of now Ngo’s account is still active but with Twitter’s efforts to defend the Left it remains to be seen if he can escape censorship.

This is the latest attempt to silence Ngo’s reporting on Antifa.

On top of violently beating him, Antifa has threatened him with violence almost constantly over the last few years.

Meanwhile, the corporate-controlled media running cover for Antifa has regularly smeared Ngo, who is gay, for exposing Antifa’s violence.

And with Twitter’s new rule Conservative and independent journalists will likely face a difficult time exposing the truth on left-wing violence in cities across America.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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