Tony Dungy fired back at his critics—and what he has to say about Roe v. Wade has leftists losing their minds

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Leftists want to control every word that comes out of the mouth of high-profile figures.

But conservative NFL coaching legend Tony Dungy is firing back at his would-be censors.

And what he has to say about Roe v. Wade has leftists losing their minds.

Hall of Fame football coach Tony Dungy has been taking all kinds of heat for participating in the recent March for Life in Washington, D.C.

In addition to participating in the first March for Life since Roe v. Wade was overturned, Dungy spoke at the event.

His announcement that he was participating in this year’s event attracted plenty of left-wing drama with Sport Editor for The Nation, Dave Zirin, claiming he is “done with Tony Dungy and the way the NFL and NBC coddle his right-wing extremism.”

Ironically, while Dungy is the first black coach to win an NFL title, leftists have no use for him since he refuses to embrace their entire unhinged agenda.

And once Zirin got started on Dungy he kept going ripping into the conservative for every possible reason.

Journalist goes on rant against Christian former NFL coach

According to the “journalist” Dungy represents everything wrong with the world.

“Dungy is held up as a deeply religious man and nearly a patron saint of the league,” Zirin griped. “Dungy has used his devoutness as a cover for his anti-gay rhetoric and sharing platforms with unapologetic bigots.”

Zirin then launched into an inexplicable rant about how Dungy’s skepticism about children changing genders is somehow horribly “violent.”

“But what in the world is ‘religious’ about bearing false witness against teachers and children with a lie that has had real-life repercussions? Every bomb threat leveled against children’s hospitals, every physical assault, bears the fingerprints of these lies,” Zirin continued. “Dungy should feel shame. Instead, he is emboldened, ready to take the stage at a rally that’s been a blunt instrument for robbing people of their rights to privacy and the rights to their own bodies.”

Shortly after Zirin published his rant, Dungy addressed his critics on the Brian Kilmeade Show.

Dungy pointed out that it’s always been a battle for him to express his faith, but he stood firm on his right to free speech saying, “I’m pro-life and I should be able to say that.”

He says the pushback against his faith is nothing new—clear back when he was coaching the Chiefs during the 1989-1990 season he was officially instructed to shut down prayer on the field.

“I’m an assistant coach with the Chiefs. There are some players who want to pray on the field after the game, and they got together with their chaplain, and said, ‘Let’s do this,'” Dungy remembered.

Before long, they faced pushback.

“We got a memo from the National Football League. ‘Don’t let that happen. Take your players straight to the locker room. We can’t have people praying on the field,'” he said.

But then the longtime coach noted that tragedy has a way of bringing core beliefs back into focus.

When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamilin collapsed on the field, it changed the atmosphere in a moment.

“We saw a young man’s life almost pass away right in front of us, and I think that changed everybody’s dynamics,” he pointed out.

In recent decades the percentage of Americans identifying as Christians has dropped drastically from 78% to 63%.

There’s no excuse to silence Christians or anyone else, regardless of whether they’re a minority or a majority of Americans.

But the way leftists in the corporate-controlled media act, you’d think that that majority of Americans is a microscopic minority.

That’s why Dungy’s willingness to boldly speak out grates on their nerves.

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