Tim Tebow has one strong message for this “Primetime” college football coach

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Football season is back.

And college football is already off to a stunning start.

Now Tim Tebow has one strong message for this “Primetime” college football coach.

Calling on Neon Deion – aka Coach Prime 

The college football season is already off to a start that nobody saw coming.

For example, Duke smashed 9th ranked Clemson 28-7 in one of the stunners of opening weekend.

But the biggest story of the college football season has been the success of the Colorado Buffaloes.

The team is off to a 2-0 start, which isn’t that eventual; Colorado won its first two games from 2016 to 2020.

But the program fell on hard times the last two years and bottomed out at 1-11 in 2022.

Enter Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime.

Sanders has successfully transitioned from a Hall of Fame NFL player to professional broadcaster to head coach.

Sanders turned around Jackson State before getting the Colorado job where he completely overhauled the roster in one season.

In his first game—with his son Shedeur leading the way at quarterback—Colorado upset 17th ranked TCU, last year’s national title game runner-up, as a 21-point underdog.

Outspoken Christian Tim Tebow knows the score

One former player who took notice of Coach Prime was Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow.

When asked about Colorado’s early success, Tebow said, “I love it, but I also love it because he’s doing it his way…And I love it because he’s doing it with such passion and love and belief and build-up of young men. I think that’s something that sometimes gets missed. I look at what he says to them, look at the way he’s able to believe and then pour into them.”

Colorado is heavily favored in its next game against rival Colorado State, but things get tougher in a hurry.

The Buffaloes have back-to-back showdown games against 13th ranked Oregon and 5th ranked USC.

Tebow continued, “They believe they can do more and accomplish more after they’ve been around him than before…That’s a sign of a good coach. That’s a sign of building confidence. That’s a sign of encouragement, of real encouragement. And I love that…I think you will continue to see more players be intrigued by the way he’s doing it because I think there’s a lot of players that want to have pressure on them, but they also want to be encouraged and inspired in the moment and that’s what Prime is doing.”

Regardless of what happens, Coach Prime has certainly made the season interesting.

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