Tim Allen couldn’t hide his smirk after a perfectly-timed tweet about his new series sent leftists into a pre-holiday rage

From Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis to Greg Abbott to now Elon Musk, the list of names the Left can’t stand is getting longer. 

But outspoken and proud American Tim Allen is right up there too as someone who makes leftists go insane.

And Allen couldn’t hide his smirk after his perfectly-timed tweet about his new series sent leftists into a pre-holiday rage. 

Tim Allen is known for several memorable characters he’s portrayed that have lasted the test of time. 

He’s also known for sending the blue checkmarks on Twitter into meltdown mode by refusing to play along with their “politically-correct” games. 

And now Allen has the Cancel Culture crowd reaching for their torches and pitchforks with his new family-friendly Christmas series. 

Tim the triggerman Allen launched a traditional Christmas series that has the Left losing their minds

Tim Allen has been the man behind fan favorite characters like Tim the Toolman Taylor, Buzz Lightyear and even Father Christmas. 

The funnyman is reprising his role as Scott Calvin – better known as Santa Clause – in a new mini-series. 

The plot of the Santa Clauses features Scott Calvin retiring from his role as jolly old St. Nick and recruiting someone new to don the red suit. 

Allen said it was important for him that his new show puts the “Christ” back in “Christmas.” 

“It originally had a lot of otherworldly characters, and ghosts, and goblins,” Allen said in an interview with The Wrap. “I said no, this is Christ-mas. It’s Christ-mas. It literally is a religious holiday. We don’t have to blow trumpets, but I do want you to acknowledge it. That’s what this is about. If you want to get into Santa Claus, you’re gonna have to go back to history, and it’s all about religion.”

According to reviews of the series, it takes until about the fifth episode before the religious themes start to shine through. 

A problematic Christmas 

However, there is one innocent little line that is driving the Social Justice Snowflakes mad. 

“Saying ‘Merry Christmas to all’ has suddenly become problematic,” Santa Clause says at one point in the series. 

And that was all it took for Left-wing entertainment reporters to try and steer the audience away from Allen’s latest Holiday classic. 

“What was going on in the minds of the writers as they penned this semi-political one-liner,” wondered the AVClub’s Mary Kate Carr. 

“It’s like [Santa] spent too much of the Christmas offseason watching Fox News,” opined Rick Marshall of Digital Trends, in his hit-pieced titled, “The Santa Clauses review: right-wing Santa is weird.”

No stranger to Cancel Culture 

This isn’t the first time the comedian has faced professional backlash for his personal politics. 

His incredibly successful show, Last Man Standing – where Allen plays “everyman” Mike Baxter – was canceled by ABC following similar criticism from reviewers, despite strong ratings. 

The show was later picked up by Fox for its final season. 

Allen also recently faced the wrath of the woke mob when he criticized Disney for putting an unnecessary gay kiss in children’s movie, Lightyear. 

But it doesn’t appear to have ruined his relationship with the entertainment titan as Disney+ is steaming the Santa Clauses.

The original The Santa Clause movie came out in 1994 and has since become traditional Holiday season viewing for many families. 

It had two sequels before this year’s mini-series relaunch of the brand.  

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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