This woke company just tried to muzzle Rush Limbaugh’s replacement and instantly regretted it

The Left wants roughly 74 millions removed from the public square or worse.

It’s not just politicians and Big Tech, companies in every industry have joined the woke cancel mob.

But this woke company just tried to muzzle Rush Limbaugh’s replacement and instantly regretted it.

Censorship has become one of the biggest challenges of modern America.

Especially guilty are the legacy Big Tech companies, like Google.

If they got their way they’d ban all 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

But the video hosting site YouTube, which is owned by Google, looks like it will be facing off against a worthwhile competitor.

Rumble, a free speech alternative to the censorious YouTube, stuck by its commitment to open discourse and severed ties with a company that was censoring conservative radio host Dan Bongino.

From Newsbusters:

On Tuesday, the video platform Rumble announced that it was terminating its business relationships with the Unruly Group and Tremor International over its censorship of Fox News, podcast, and radio talk show host Dan Bongino.

Tremor allegedly removed its advertisements from conservative radio talk show host Dan Bongino’s websites and Rumble’s video player after complaints from unnamed partners over alleged “fake covid information.” When asked to provide examples of the so-called “misinformation,” Rumble said the company failed to provide any.

COVID “misinformation” has been used as a catch-all term to censor anything that’s inconvenient for the COVID regime.

For example, people have been suspended for quoting the CDC when the site’s recommendations clash with the prevailing COVID narrative.

Leaks from Facebook showed that the company censored COVID information even if it was true because executives did not want to foster vaccine hesitancy.

The truth is being criminalized by the establishment powers that be.

Rumble said in a statement:

“Tremor could not provide any evidence of alleged ‘fake covid information’ which was the source of the complaints…Tremor expected Rumble to remove ads from Bongino’s pages despite the fact that YouTube and other Tech giants monetize off his content. Rumble gave Tremor the opportunity to provide explicit examples of these alleged violations of Rumble’s content policies but they were unable to and thus terminated their relationship.”

Rumble must stick to its guns because there need to be viable alternative platforms as censorship ramps up on the legacy-controlled outlets like YouTube and Twitter.

Joe Rogan, who hosts the most popular podcast in the world, has been able to have important conversations about COVID on Spotify that would be censored on any other platform.

Even leftists within Spotify want Rogan “canceled,” but the company has commendably held firm.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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