This Trump judge just sent Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan into a rage

It is no secret that the leftist elites in the Biden White House are obsessed with power.

But they just got a shot over the bow.

Because this Trump judge just made an announcement that left Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan sputtering in rage.

US Appeals Court Judge James Ho made power-mad elites furious when he announced that he will not be hiring anybody from Yale Law School due to their woke politics. 

The path to the Left’s Chinese-style Social Credit system Holy Grail runs through the Iveys

For the Left, cancel culture has taken the place of religion. 

And imposing a total surveillance state on Americans with a Chinese-style Social Credit system is their Grail. 

Leftist elites like Biden administration National Security Advisor and Yale alum Jake Sullivan will do almost anything for it.

And a key part of that has been ensuring the Judicial Branch doesn’t step in and thwart their plans.

That’s why they love to install Ivy Leaguers as law clerks in the federal courts.

While speaking at a Federalist Society event, Ho claimed “I don’t want to cancel Yale. I want Yale to stop cancelling people like me,” the Fifth Circuit appellate court justice said.

Ho then went on to say “Starting today, I will no longer hire law clerks from Yale Law School. And I hope that other judges will join me as well.”

Ho was appointed by Donald Trump several years back and is regarded as one of his more conservative judicial nominations.

Hopefully, more people will follow in his footsteps, because doing so is the only way to stand up to snobby liberals.

These days, the only thing that makes schools like Yale and Harvard prestigious is the fact that other people treat them that way.

But if more people realized the woke indoctrination these young minds go through, then they will realize that there is nothing prestigious about these schools at all. 

The sad thing is, this far-Left indoctrination has been going on for decades at these too academic institutions.

However, now more than ever students are not being taught law but rather Marxist fundamentals.

It is creating class after class of fragile and weak students who become power-obsessed and see the path to achieve it is projecting their insane ideologies onto the world as well as America’s legal system.

That is very dangerous for the future of America and the American legal system.

Judges should look elsewhere when hiring

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Yale will make any changes to accommodate this one judge, but if multiple judges agree to not hire from snobby Ivy League schools or any other brainwashing institutions, then real change could happen. 

America deserves better than to be run by coastal elites who have been brainwashed at these institutions. 

There are many great law schools across the nation that do not push students into the cancel mob. 

This could very easily be the beginning of the end for institutions such as Yale and Harvard as you know them. 

Change always begins with small acts but once more people sign on, then powerful things can often happen.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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